More C/L funnage

Guitar buffer pedal $20

This is a guitar buffer pedal, it isolates the signal chain on both sides. It preserves your signal from the point you have it in your chain and brings the highs back into your tone.

If you’re having “tone suck” from having a bunch of pedals or want to isolate part of your board electronically from the other, this is the best thing for it in the small form factor of an Altoid Tin.

If you’re trying to preserve your guitar’s pure tone, put it right in front of your effects pedals. If you want to prevent high end loss from cables running to your amp, put it at the end of your board. If you’re trying to isolate two parts of your board that don’t play well together, put it in the middle of them.

If yore noticing your highs disappear, or a muddy tone, this will help!
Spam sucks, and so do spammers.
Lol, the craigslist police. [He’s gotta point.  ;D]
LOL, you are a douche.

And I am just a user sick of self-centered, time-wasting hacks too stupid to realize hawking their useless crap in the wrong forum only pisses the real musicians off.
You can say whatever, you’re hilarious. I’ve sold many things to musicians on this community, especially things that wouldn’t have normally sold. I could care less about your spam. Seriously it’s like all you do is browse this Craigslist community. What are you looking for? Maybe I can help, since you have all this free time
You’re a real musician. Get off Craigslist and go play
1. That I’m “hilarious” shows your defensiveness and/or incomprehension of the annoyance you truly are.
2. That you “sold many” tons of crap to idiots doesn’t mean you are not a spammer.
3. That you missed it the first time doesn’t mean I won’t tell you what I want, again: stop spamming.
4. That you are so defensive tells me, despite your self-deception, you know you are a spammer.

You can’t normalize or even successfully defend your commercial behaviour – look up “spam on wikipedia:
I didn’t even read your email.
Why are you wasting your life responding to me?
It amuses me to call out fools, see.

And you, whether self-deluded or believing you are cleverly disingenuous, are but a fool
Wow, thanks for enlightening me. Can you teach me how to be like you?
First, grow a pair.

Then, grow a brain with a conscience.

Finally, stop deluding yourself, and lying to others.

Eventually, upon realizing you actually now and will forever lack the basic sense and decency to even get close, much less the balls and ability to want to, you’ll know what to do.



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