In defense of U2 (like they need it)

Responding to a friend’s apathy, I posted at LO:

Big fan here.

They started out as a Irish punk band with a message.

I’m not religious but I’ve never found their proselytizing offensive.

They started to get more and more atmospheric, and then went techno.

Now, they combine a little of all of that, with excellent and even cutting-edge production.

Sure, Bono can be a wanker, but can’t we all, and he seems sincere and also has done a lot of good social work.

Every record has at least one hit, many have more, and IMNSFHO they all have a minimum of 1/3 terrific content.

I listen to all of their records, still (other than Rattle & Hum, which still has some great tunes in “Bullet the Blue Sky” and the B.B. track) and look forward to their next.

While there exist many bands who have copied part of what they do (starting mebbe with The Fixx), their totality is unique, including their sound, vocals and performance skills.

Besides Bono’s unique voice and The Edge’s much-copied guitar work, Mullen has done a lot of very good session work (Robbie Robertson, Dylan, et al.), and Clayton gets one of my fave bass sounds.