New E.P.: *The Clown Car*

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1. Chancer (She’s a) 03:21
2. A Ridiculous Man 04:09
3. The Clown Car 04:13
4. There He Goes 04:16
5. Crazy Ways 03:01
6. Anything Today 04:06
7. Let It All Out 04:30

Aiight, so we’s met on the C/L and decided for to get t’gevver and make some noize what started as bass and drummage one evening and were turnt to these choons, aiight.

Equipment used included a Roland TD11, a Revelation RTF60, a Vox Nitetrain, a Blackstar 1×12″, a Fender Pro,Jr., a Hohner B2, a Yamaha YC, a MXL Genesis FET, a M-Audio Luna, a EV N/D 608, some Vox and MXR and DOD pedals, a Focusrite ISA1, a ART TPS, a PreSonus Eureka, a Zoom R16, and some martoonies, coffee and plonk.
released April 23, 2017

JimC: Roland drums
Vlayman: all else

recorded,writ, mixt, and masturd at Feta Central DDL, April 9-23, 2017
bandcamp; vlayman;
THD; blog.
I mix with olive juice.


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