More Ebog larfs

I post this for fun and education. The fact that I look so much smarter and more mature that the seller is strictly accidental. Oh, and don’t buy from this dooosh.

Devi Ever Krackle Fuzz Pedal – New
Item condition: New
Sale date: Apr 01, 2017
Quantity: 1
Winning bid: AU $51.66
Approximately US $38.22

Order status: Paid
Paid AU $80.37 with PAYPAL on Apr 01, 2017 23:32 PDT
Estimated delivery: Thu. Apr. 13 – Thu. Apr. 27
Apr. 28 :You didn’t get the item
You requestedThe item
CommentsNot received.
Seller’s message:
“Hi there, I think I still have the receipt with tracking or at least reference number somewhere – will check for you. Thanks, Matt”

May. 1 :You sent a message
CommentsDo you have shipping info?
May. 3 :You sent a message
CommentsHey! No item – REFUND!
May. 3 :You sent a message
CommentsOpened case, refund demanded, seller promised shipping info then stopped communication, bad review given.
May. 4 :You opened a case
CommentsSeller stopped communicating, did not prove shipment, item not received.
So I’m a thief because you haven’t received an overseas parcel yet?

I responded and said I’d try to find your details. Your comments and negative feedback are inappropriate – if you don’t want to work with me to find out where your item is that’s fine, but making claims like that are not welcome
Too bad – that’s what you get when you steal a customer’s money, which has to be my conclusion when you don’t communicate.

I’ve been down this path so many times with sellers like you, using my money as a short-term loan, making promises – from the initial sale to “I will try to find proof of shipment” – that I recognize the pattern.

Where’s the proof of shipment?

I have received numerous packages from overseas since I ordered from you – my order to you is well over a month old and you have had the use of my money, failed to communicate, or even prove shipment.

Yes, I believe you are a thief and I don’t care what you find welcome – REFUND my money, THIEF.
This case has been decided in your favor.

We didn’t receive valid tracking information from the seller. We’re sorry you had a problem with your purchase, and we’re issuing you a refund for this case.
matt_k_melb_it (217Turquoise Star)
You’re obviously a dumb kid getting bent out of shape over such an insignificant amount of money.

Go fuck yourself.

New message to: matt_k_melb_it
So you are not only a liar and a thief but a clatterfarting pervert?

Oh, and as self-righteously as you spit chips, where’s the proof of shipment you promised? Ya phony!

Now, lemme tell you, if I do receive the pedal – little chance of that, I know, thief – , you can be sure I won’t tell you.

Thanx for the larfs, ya dags-eating chook.
His of me:
Positive feedback rating Buyer unable to communicate in an intelligent manner. More than happy to refund. Seller: matt_k_melb_it
Reply by vvv (May-04-17 17:09):
Ebay refunded after seller never shipped. Seller messaged, “Go f*ck yourself.”

Mine of him:
Seller is thief; no item, no proof shipped, stopped communication

Additionally, let me note that I bought two other items from Aussie-land *after* this purchase, and they were delivered within 2 weeks, each.
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