Ampless practice

As I posted at talkbass:

Lately, my drummer brings a Roland TD11 which we can set up in my living room. My guitarist uses a pedal board what I take a direct feed from; it is spilt before the board with a good buffer pedal (Neutrino) so I have one track of effected guitar and one a decent DI, very useable, actually, without even re-amping.
Also lately, I have been plugging my bass straight into the H-Z input of my Zoom R16 recorder, no FX, and getting compliments on the bass sound on my rough mixes.
And the neighbors can’t hear us, other than my voice singing into a 58, which totals 6 inputs on the 8-input R16.

Current bass recording approach

As I posted at talkbass:

I often like two parallel tracks of bass, ex., I go into a Groove Tubes The Brick out to a dbx160XT, and split off (using the Brick’s thru) into a Meek VC3Q for my DI approach. In the box, I pass filter each track, limit and then pan 2-4 minutes each side of midnight.

My preferred current chain is the above hardware, but plug into my pedal board and then a small Ampeg (B108) mic’d with an SM7b or PV520i or similar back into the Groove Tubes The Brick out to a dbx160X. I then have two variations, either split that mic’d track off into the VC3Q, or split the pedal board DI to the VC3Q. Then I do the ITB stuff, as above.

ITB compression can work well as level control, but I’m not real into it for sounds, and other than the occasional mild chorus or EQ on mixdown or what’s listed above, I don’t use plugs.