C/L fun never ends

About 3 weeks ago, I posted this in the musicians forum (for muso’s to connect, vs. the music equip for sale forum), which post expired after 7 days:

Dear “For Sale” and other Spammers

Are you too stupid to realize that you are in the wrong forum?

Or too arrogant to care?

No one wants your over-priced out of date PA or keyboards or other crap – nor do we want to read your spam every day until you realize no one is or will be buying. (Definition of “spam”? Look it up, dummy.)

And to you jackasses selling “management” deals – get a conscience, and a real job.

And you phony, entry fee-charging contest and so-called “song reviewers”? Get a conscience, and a real job, and a lawyer.

Finally, to the lame-ass video and mp3 posters – we don’t need your shit music, we are making our own.

You are all pitiful, ridiculous, and a waste of time.

Oh, and the tuff guy/gals that want to respond with threats, name-calling and violence – grow a brain, some balls, and some decency.


A week ago, I posted this:

When you see music community SPAM

… hit “prohibited” at the top of the page.

If you post music community SPAM, screw you.

Hear me, PA boy? As the Cum Reigns?


Somebody just posted this:

FOR GRIPPY OLD FUCK M.E.V. DUDE (who thinks he’s god)

Ya know – people are gonna post what they want
and it’s up to CL to determine what’s so wrong –
NOT your ugly bearded ass you fuck faced moron!
So keep sending your pissy little ‘poison pen’ notes that
NOBODY reads – (after the 1st one they’re always deleted without being read!)

P.S. Nice ‘pic’ of you – NOT! If my dog had a face like yours I’d shave it’s ass –
– and make it walk BACKWARDS! (FUCK finger to you also)


Think I struck a chord?

Best part?

The posting with that pic has been down for over a week!   Grin


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