On recording bass

I posted at talkbass:

My preference lately for recording is an SM7b in front of my Ampeg BA108 thru a GT Brick and a 160XT. Then, as said above, a parallel DI (into a VC3Q in my case) for the bottom. I’ll note that the VC3Q has enough low end control with its compressor and EQ that I can get a good result even if I go into it in parallel with the mic track from the Brick’s “INST THRU”.

A similar, cheaper mic – if you can find one – is a Peavey PVM 520i. Head to head, it’s brighter and not as “dense”, somehow, as the SM7b, but in the mix it’s about the same.

Both the RE320 and the MD421II work well, tho’, and the MD421n even better, but I hate using vintage mic’s on loud sources. And yes, a ’57 or ’58 will work for the top end, especially if you are using a small tube amp like a ProJr, etc., but you’ll really benefit from a added DI, there.