A conversation re my C/L trolling

Smoothest Bassist 10:12 AM (2 hours ago)

to Smoothest
Yes, you are. And if you posted all of that other filthy crap (my apologies if you didn’t), PLEASE seek professional mental health assistance.
Smoothest Bassist
11:20 AM (1 hour ago)

Nah dude, wasn’t me, just figured I would point out that your post wasn’t contributing anything more than those other ones were
Actually, I have had numerous over-the-top threats, curse-outs and other wackiness in email responses. I don’t know if you saw the outrageous posts earlier this and last week, but there’s one clown that’s melting down. I confess, I take some amusement from that. But more importantly, IMO, is that C/L somewhat acknowledged the issue, if the “3 post limit” post is to be believed.

Mainly, I am annoyed with seeing the same PA and guitar sellers posting everyday, weeks and months on end. As well, the loser metal band, who literally physically threatened me re their band-page link. I am not in this forum to buy or listen to their crap – I’m trying to find musical partners; I buy in the merchandise forums, and have no interest in lame Midwest metal.

Let me note, I have been thanked by 3 or 4 posters who did not realize it was the wrong forum; or so they claimed, and they never returned to try and sell anything.

I’ll further note, I was physically threatened by some clown in Texas claimed to have a record label – he actually tracked me down at work, a former soldier with gun posts elsewhere.

My point, then, is that I’m not some kid trolling, I truly believe these idiots lower the value of the forum/community – whatever you call it – and I figure, along with my amusement, I give them a outlet for their [sometimes threatening violence] frustrations.

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Z Vex Vexter Super Dooper 2 in 1

The Super Duper 2in1 is terrific on bass into my recording amp (Ampeg BA 108), it ups the Ampegnessossity.


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