C/L shite goes on

Just kinda documenting it …


He’s again tryna have a dialogue.

* FYI to M.E.V. – about deleting other people’s posts ***

For your information there M.E.V. when you THINK you’ve deleted someone’s post from Craigslist Musicians Section, think again … it takes more than ONE person, more than ONE email address to have a post deleted. CL has set up the system where there has to be 5 different emails to do so. All you’re doing is deleting that which you’ve deleted off YOUR reading of Craigslist Musicians Section – but NOT anyone else’s!

Then, the people you try to delete get to know what an ass you are. Because your ‘messages’ (Which no sane person will read) contains your email ID. I’ve actually contacted a few people to see if they were getting bullshit from you – and they all say they just ignore you. Maybe some open your shit & answer you – but it won’t be me. If I wanted to I could ‘block’ you – but I like when I get a notice of yours – it reminds me to REPOST!

You need to crawl out of your Mommy’s house and GET A LIFE! FIND A WOMAN, or a MAN in your case, whatever makes you feel like a human – and DO SOMETHING! Find a job or something to do besides being a pain in the ass. Go to the POLITICAL section and argue with others of YOUR kind – But, an ass like you probably already does that too!


So I renewed:

When you see music community SPAM

… hit “prohibited” at the top of the page.

Oh, and it’s OK to feel sorry for the nearly illiterate racists (you should see the ranting emails!) who can’t figure out how to rid themselves of over-priced junk, thinking you will be dumb enough to buy the crap they did and now can’t sell despite numerous, repeated spams. Over-priced PA, silly pointy guitars, cheap stereos for dummies, lame videos and alleged “music” – just hit “prohibited”.




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