The Names of the Guilty: *Buzz Killer*

This is kinda a lo-fi project wherein we started with *.mp3 two-mixes of drums and guitar and sometimes bass and went from there.

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1. Rock Show (Goin’ to a) 02:51
2. Doin’ Blue 03:54
3. Buzz Killer 01:55
4. You Name It (Call it in) 03:13
5. Left to Lose 03:20
6. From the Wink of a Dead Girl’s Eye 04:40
7. A Hot Mess 02:16
8. Welcome Home 03:09
9. Adorable Deplorable 03:16
10. Authenticity 03:24

Craig has this list he keeps in his underwear drawer, right next to his pistol and a cuppla spare clips. One night, a certain paid-for guest was looking for gold – Acapulco or metal, didn’t matter – and stuck the list in her bag and then later spilled that at police HQ. In the course of the investigation of the deaths of a number of her “clients”, see. Turns out, she had used that list to hire some help of her own, and when asked she spilled the names of the guilty …

released June 20, 2017

See individual songs for specifics, but generally:
CharlesM: most gtr., some base-stem mixes (*.mp3)
MickV: all vox and synth, ld. gtr., some bass, perc.
BrianB: most bass
RayM: most drums
AndyM: some base-stem mixes (*.mp3)
Vlayman: overdubbage, mixing, masturding, fartwek at FetaCentralRecording DDL.

Some eardrums were killt in the making of this mess, but the only aminals harmed are in the band.
bandcamp; vlayman;
THD; blog.
I mix with olive juice.


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