More C/L fun

Legends Of Rock & Roll Band For Hire
We Have Been Playing & Performing For Over 20 Years In The Chicagoland Area And Are Well Known For Our Diversity And Versatility In 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s & 80’s Music Genres. We Present A Vegas Style Show With A Very Good Following. If You Are Interested and In Need Of Excellent Professional Entertainment, Please Reply With A Contact Phone Number And We Will Respond. Thank You!!!!

Yo, genius, this is a forum for musicians to connect re making music, not for your SPAM.
Go fly a kite

Much more polite than I expected – thank you – but you are still a SPAMMER.
I am a musician just like the rest of you!!!

So what?  You are trying to sell your band, not find other musicians. WE are musicians – we don’t need your band.

By selling something in the wrong place, you are a SPAMMER.

Look at the other ads – only SPAMMERS link their band pages, try to sell their bands, or equipment, or other crap.

Put up a classified ad somewhere else, not in a musician’s wanted forum.

You see why I called you, “genius”?
Give it a rest!! I’m sure you have more important things to do than to be Craig’s list monitor! I will continue to post my advertisements when I want! So find something constructive and intelligent to do or better yet go practice, you probably need it!!

Nice.  It always devolves to you weasel spammers getting all defensive and insulting – you have to be a complete idiot in the first place to think anyone is interested in your weak-ass cover-band, and now that I’ve pointed it out, you want to get personal.

Screw you spam-boy, you are not the first joke of a wannabe claiming some kind of “I’ll do what I want” imperative – little kids say that, and so your emotional level is evident.

Now try this – everytime I look on that forum I have to see your lame-ass DOUBLE ad for a lame-ass cover band comprised of immature plug-n-play wannabe’s who can’t even get a gig without using the WRONG free forums at Craigslist.

If I have to spend that time, I will spend this, calling you out as just another scumbag SPAMMER.

Now, grow up, get a job, take some lessons, learn how to write, and for god’s sake stop annoying the adults.

It’s really to bad you are such an adolescent. I have more bookings than I need, that I have 2 bands to cover them. And as far as talent, I have more in my little finger than you could ever think of having, so bite me!

OK, I’m back, having just done two ORIGINAL solos on an ORIGINAL song that I’m about to mix.

The Trump try, BTW, of repeating my insult, is, well, frankly, TRUMPISH.

I imagine, to go with the little finger you like to have bitten, you have little hands.

And you are still a SPAMMER, and you cannot win.

SPAM is SPAM – and your defense is as honest and believable as your tiny-handed friend.


At least I’m not hiding behind a fake email, even though I know who you are!

Yeah, right; you morons always resort to threats.

Yer just another internet troll/weasel/spammer – but that’s OK, walk up to me, identify yourself, see what happens, tough guy.

Are you gonna claim yer taping us, too, you wannabee?


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