New Vlayman album: *Treason*

1. Saints Have a Past 03:39
2. Certain Person 05:37
3. Picture on the Wall (w Silversmith) 03:44
4. Sometimes a Man 04:26
5. Wishin’ You Would 03:55
6. Real Men (w Silversmith) 03:33
7. Treason 03:34
8. To Think 03:46
9. Faller 03:38
10. Younger Women (Hey! Hey!) 03:16

Aiight, so I been listening to a lotta shoegaze lately, and buying some cheap used guitars and also some used FX. And then the funk creeps in, and summa my signature misanthropy, too. Please play loud while drinking, just like I created it.

released July 13, 2017

Silversmith: drums on #’s 3 & 6
Vlayman: all the other shite
I mix with olive juice.


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