A view of the bedio

Cuppla pedals, The Soundblox2 OFD, what is an interesting digi-distortion allegedly cloning various sounds. I’ve triued it on guitar and it was usable for recording thru an amp, lotsa variations in sound and flexible; we’ll see if it makes it onto my bass board.

Also got a Micro-Pog what apparently has the T1m mod what gives, essentially the ability to set it up with two different sounds. I think it was subsequently mod’d to stack the subs in one “channel”, as opposed to having the two settings identical – ver’ cool!

I also rec’d a Duncan Power Grid I’ve not tried out yet.

Finally, what with LED TV’s being so cheap, I put a 17″ with a digi-antenna and built-in DVD in my bedio for recording inspiration, and so I can wartch the news when files are rendering.


I mix with olive juice.

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