Cell-phone confrontation therapy, yep

So I’m dozin’ on the train in the quiet car about 7:45 this AM and dooshie sitting right behind me  takes a cell phone call and keeps talking.

I give him a minute or two and ask him to take it down to the vestibule. He tells me, “mind your own business.”

I repeat myself and he says, “Fuck you!”

I say, “No, fuck you and get outta the quiet car.”

He says, “Shut up or I’ll slap the shit outta you!”

I say, “You are threatening me over a cell phone call? Fuck you and back it up, tough guy!”

He says, “When we get off the train, I’m gonna slap the shit outta you, you’ll see.”

In the mean time, of course, he loses the call, and shuts up for the last 15 minutes.

I get off the train-car first and wait for him. About 40 people get off and he’s still sitting on the top deck, as I can see through the window. Another passenger gets off and we have a conversation and he commiserates with the conclusion that this guy is not coming. I realize that almost everyone is gone and I’m about 100 yards from the station, he’s still not out and when he does come, we’ll be alone, so I walk into the station and wait for him.  Now I’ve walked 100 yards thinking this guy is behind me so I stop just inside the station and await him. After a couple more minutes he comes in, one of the last of the entire 12-car train (ours being #11 from the station).

His eyes get big and I walk up to him and say, “C’mon tough guy, you threatened me, let’s finish.”

He devolves to calling me, “fat boy” and saying he’s gonna kick my ass. I note out loud he needs a shower. (Greasy face, 6′, 175 lbs, mebbe 28-30 inna hoodie and kahkies and workboots …)

“Let’s go, you loudmouth pussy”, I say, and he says “It wasn’t even a quiet car!”


I say, “Not only are you a loud-mouth pussy, but you are stupid!”  There’s 100’s of people passing by from the trains, many stopping to watch.

He quickly walks away in the opposite direction of where I’m going (the Loop) and then calls out from about 25 yards, “C’mon, we’ll go outside and I’ll slap the shit outta you!”

I laugh at him and repeat what I just said and he hurries away.  A really nice (and actually notably attractive) woman approaches me and says, “Let him go, it’s not worth it”, etc.

Never saw him before, but I do look forward to seeing him again!  mad

Moral of the story? Don’t assume the dozing fat, old guy is gonna take yer crap.  Grin

carpal diem!



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