MVX2: *The Last One*

Image <– click

1. Sompin’ You Know 03:56
2. True Grit 03:30
3. Prescient 03:47
4. Snardsong 04:09
5. Hip Hop 03:15
6. Lethargic 02:59
7. Hemp Bag 03:06
8. Bleeds the Daylight 03:19
9. The Last One 03:36

A sleep-deprived tub-thumper and a perpetually unhungover string-stroker bash out some choons.
Play loud, please.

released September 5, 2017

Vezina: impact protocol
Vlayman: lubeless fingering and gargles
TomS: guitar on #9

Drums recorded at Renae’s Place along with bass and guitar on #9; all else recorded at Feta Central Recording DDL where the alleged mixing and masturding also occurred.

Fartwerk by BeansOnToast

I mix with olive juice.

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