*The Brushes Project* notes

Asked by a friend in Glasgow, I ‘splained:

RE  The Brushes Project (a E.P.), by Vlayman

“Emotional Rescue” is my inspiration for the falsetto.

Seriously – how lame is that?

The mic is a CAD M9, what is a very nice and inexpensive toob mic with a pretty colored sound, said to be the tube version of the M177 and M179, which are known for clarity (I like ’em on OH’s and toms). I used the Eureka pre with its compressor, set very clean to maximize the mic’s sound.

Their current tube mic is the Trion 8000, also sweet.

Lotsa 12 string from my new-2-me Dean

And I used a Chinee offset from England – have you heard of these Revelation-brand guitars? Very cool, the RFT60, and I have a Bass VI from them also.

Amps was mostly a HRDX, with a Vox Nite Train 50 on some leads. The guitarts went thru a cheap EV N/D mic or a EV 609 into a ISA One that was cranked and padded to get a little tranny onnint.

The basses was all thru a little Ampeg BA108 what is like 20w. and a 8″ mic’d with a Peavy 520i (a nice variation on the SM7b – a CH brighter and 1/2 the price, I often prefer it – into a Groove Tubes Brick and a dbx160XT), along with a DI thru a Meek VC3Q. I used different effects on every bass, but, and I found this interesting, while they all sound fairly similar, I noticed the sounds inspired the playing.

Actually, the “lyric” tab on each song will gi’ ya the gear.
The songs all started with these very spare brushes tracks I downloaded offa the net, then bass, then vox, then guitars, and everything was done in one weekend, alternating eves of manhattens, martooonies, and red wine.

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