Re: Tube rolling 2018

Inna TOMB thread I wrote:

I own a few (Ok, under 10) tube amps.
I bought a bias meter, have read how to do it, seen the vids.

In the past, I accidentally took 120v. futzing with a amp – reached back in immediately and did it again. :shock: Not uncommon, I’m told.

Anywhat, I’ve never biased an amp, some of what I’ve been playing since the 80’s.
I change tubes only as needed – which for me means when they burn up or break.

Now, I’m not a road dog, firing up for a gig every night.
My amps might be on for 3-4 hours for a cuppla nights a month, max.
Some get played a half-hour, 1x a month or every other, even.

Truth be told, I had to re-cap and change a tranny inna ’60 Rick M8E.
Otherwise the only repairs are the usual maintenance shite like pots and switches.
I did put fans in a couple of the hotter amps.

I do buy matched power tubes on the theory that they are a little more stable – they are matched to each other, but not biased for, altho’ I tend to stick with Groove tubes or JJ’s.

All sound good.

I also like 12AT7’s or even AY’s instead of 12AX7’s in my Tiny Terror and Pro,Jr – cleans ’em up some, gives more headroom. (AU’s are too quiet, but good in recording preamps and mics.) New, I’ll usually get JJ’s, but I like to buy used old tubes, particularly GE’s. I think in 30+ years of playing tube amps, I’ve burned up 3 or 4 pre-amp tubes, altho’ I have broken a few more.

I seem to burn up a power tube or 2 a year (I have 6L6’s, EL34’s, and EL84’s in my various amps.)

I mix with olive juice.

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