So, someone at TOMB wrote:

i’m guessing you’re not familiar with frank zappa then. he was as out there as
it gets and needed no substance. he was also insanely talented and again
needed nothing. substance/music going together is a myth

I replied:

Look, I’m about as reg’lar a Zombie Woof as anyone ever loved P-I-N-K-Y, $69.95 was, with my zircon-encrusted tweezers, wrist watch and Sears poncho, OK?
Zappa was jittery on life, all Armenian and shite as he was and if Flo & Eddied did it different, well, it wasn’t in front of him but he understood the culture, even as he disapproved of some of it.
Now, please explain the attraction of Cynthia Plastercaster (GTO’s) and Steve fucking Vai.
“substance/music going together is a myth” is mere wishfulness, droog, I’m afeared. And if the better among us conduct their lives believing the opposite myth, well, at least they don’t look like Keef, or die like Layne Staley.
Now, where the hell’s the olives?


I mix with olive juice.

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