Vlayman: *I’m Gettin’ Bigger*


1. Bigger 03:36
2. Dumpster Fire 04:47
3. What I Seen 03:31
4. Crazy Town 03:37
5. El Caucho 04:37

Recorded in the first half of October 2018 at Feta Central Recording DDL, south of Chi. All guitars recorded without a amp, except bass, and lostsa, lotsa pedals, and on bass.

ADVISORY: Kids, don’t let yer parents hear you singin’ along with the 2-3 or more F-bombs. etc. in songs 4 & 5, herein!


released October 16, 2018

drums is heavily-edited nettage, all other noises by yo.
All songs by yo.
Recorded, playt, mixt, masturd, sequenced by yo.
Fartwerk by Jose Jones.

c, ’18
all rights reserved

THDGeronimo Cowboys;
I mix with olive juice.

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