My Musical Week

So, Tuesday I jammed on guitar with a band that a old highschool friend (Dave) plays pretty good bass in. ¬†They had a good drummer (forgot his name), and the decent singer/guitarist (Roger) is a good writer, also. They didn’t immediately invite me to join, don’t know if they will, not sure I want to for various reasons, but I had fun.

Wednesday I had a second jam (mostly bass and some guitar) with a drummer (Joe) I met offa Craigslist. Nice guy, good drummer, had a triple bypass a year ago and so his stamina is about 20 minutes, but he’s good for jamming and recording with, and, like I said, a nice guy.

Thursday I got to gether with the Bustouts’ excellent former drummer (Mark the cop) and a good new bassist (Bob); I sing and play guitar. We are calling ourselves a band, mebbe, “The Strangers” (thanx, jr!), but are really more of a recording project at this point.

Yesterday I mixed down and did some recording on a cuppla tracks I recorded last Sunday with Joe, as I did on Monday, and reworked my pedal board and soldered some cables.

This morning I did some lead guitar work onna rap track a friend of mine is Svengali’ing – he texted me he “loves” it.

This afternoon Joe came over and we did some percussion and vocals on our two tracks, what I will post soon.

Just sezzin’ …

The Strangers: “ColdFries”

A extemporaneous blooze, wif bad words.


The Strangers:

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Captain Bob: Bass
Vlayman: guitar and gargling
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