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MVx2: *Arrested*


1. Mow the Lawn 04:07
2. Arrested 04:10
3. When I Arrive w Grankspoine 03:35
4. Headache w TomS 03:20
5. Desperate (Reason to Be) w Grankspoine 03:17
6. Eat Your Dreams 04:12
7. Build It There 04:38
8. How You Do 03:57
9. I Can Tell 03:56
10. All On My Own 03:37

MarkV & MikeV’s 4th album, with stalwart Grankspoine (#3, 5) and Los Martoonies’ guitarist TomS (#4) along for the heart-massage.

released March 19, 2017

Drums: MarkV
Keys & horns & guitar on # 3, 5: Grankspoine
Guitars on # 4: TomS
All else: MikeV (Vlayman)

Drums recorded at Renae’s Place; overdubs and mixing and masturding at Feta Central DDL.

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Two responses to my muso ad

First response:
Hey, I’m doing a jam nite starting the 30th at Celtic Crown on Western 9pm on Western. A lot of great players are expected, and I don’t even know any bad drummers.


Now besides that the bar is about 1.5 hours away, and she’s musically channeling Trumpy (“a lot of great players are expected”), and she doesn’t know even any bad drummers, I wonder if she’s gonna video herself, “doing a jam nite”. Also, how much for a copy of that?

Fecund response:

Do you sing? Go to link and see if this is of interest………… this is what I do. I record at my place. I am currently using two different fm singers they are both on the songs. I just picked up a male vocalist.  If interested send me your stuff and I will let you know if I am interested in yours……….Thanks
Now besides the fact that I met with this guy at his “studio” last summer, got pretty wasted with him and jammed (he wasn’t very good) and co-wrote a song and then he never called back, he has since (starting 6 months after that) contacted me twice; first to get together 6 months later, fecund in response to another ad. Both times, and at the initial meeting, I gave him the same bandcamp link that is in ithis ad, and the moron still says, “send me your stuff”.

Yamaha YC – a short review

As posted at

I write play rock (on guitar, bass vox – keys is for fill-in) , and I need to get some organ sounds going on. I have 3 Casios and a Yamaha, the kind with built in speakers. They do OK cheese, but … I have a nice Yamaha S-03 what sounds great, but is relatively big, needs a stand, is a PITA to program and set up. I have a Microkorg, what sounds like a Korg synth – if you play synth, you know what I mean; organ is possible, but … I have a Arturia Microbrute – oh, what a lucky man, I am. Then I found a good price here on this – all my roots-rock and other organ needs is met. It sounds great with built in leslie (tone, fast, slow), distortion and reverb effects, adjustable attack (the key-hit part of the sound – think B3, and Billy Preston) and drawbars. It has 4 patches to start out, (Yama, Hammond, Vox, etc.) and is about infinitely adjustable. And it’s very portable, 3/4 sized, wall-warted, and it’s almost Nord red. FWIW, I spent a lot of time looking for a case and went with the Gator 21″ (one for the MicroK, also). IMNSFHO, this rules. (Can be heard on the most recent stuff on bandcamp under Vlayman).

Vlayman: “Certain Person”

Certain Person
c. ’17 Vlayman

Every small town I ever been to seems to have the same truth,
Small town boys,
Small town girls
Small town people trying to figure where they belong in the world.

Every dirty city I ever been to seems to have the same truth,
Dirty city boys,
Dirty city girls
Dirty city people trying to figure where they belong in the world.

The only Person seems certain is you
The only Person completely certain seems to be you 2x


Everyone I ever known gets through life just the same, it’s true,
with some pain,
with some shame,
All the beautiful people trying to figure where they belong in the world don’t know what to do.

Drums: nettage
Gtr: Xavier_luxDr_SwlFlng_FT2_FX96_Chklt_HRDX-EVnd308b-UA110_ShinyBox23L-UA710
LdGtr: RevRTF60_Distrotron_Trike-Nightrain-EVnd308b-UA110_ShinyBox23L-UA710
Voc: ST6050-Eureka
Bass: HnrB2-AmpegB108-SM7b-Brick-dbx160XT_VC3Q
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I mix with olive juice.

Compressor pedals

In answer to a forum question (LO), postered:

I use the black MXR one on guitar – the “SuperComp”.

The compression thing is good for chicken-pickin’, and also for strumming (think Byrds, REM, etc.); it’s a sound, or it can be a transparent smoothing of the volume.

The MXR is good because you can use it as a clean boost, also.

On bass, I use the Toadworks’ “Mr. Squishy”.

I also have the Boss LM2B limiter and the DOD Bass Squeezer for bass – the former is good but colored, the latter is better than the reviews but basically just serviceable, altho’ I like the crossover.

Finally, I have the Visual Sound Rte.66 pedal, what has a awesome compressor with a Tubescreamer that someday I will buy the ‘pressor separately – it’s the white pedal.