The TMJ Experience: *This Now & The Again (a E.P.)*

1. Now & Again 03:50
2. Jane Called 04:18
3. I Don’t Hafta Explain 04:58
4. Aint’ Yer Bidness 04:05
5. This, Then 04:59
6. Headache (You gimme a) 03:06
7. Razor 04:42

Band names we consider’d:
The Altercocker Rockers
Shine My Pate
The TMJ Singers
The Flaming Jalapeños
The Social Insecurities

release June 29, 2017

Drums: JimC
Gtrs: TomC
All else: MickV

Writ, performed, recorded, mixed and masturd April 22 – June 30, 2017 at FetaCentralRecording DDL, somewhere south of Chi.

Dedicated to the old guitars, cars and young-at-heart women in our lives.

This album was made with:
Fender, Gibson and Revelation guitars; Fender, Rickenbacker and Vox amps, Hohner and Fernandes basses; Way Huge, Dr. No, Z-Vex, T-Rex, Fulltone, EHX and Moen pedals; Roland drums; Korg and Yamaha keys; MXL, EV, M-Audio, NOS, Shure and Superlux mics; Presonus, Summit, dbx, Groove Tubes, Joe Meek, and UA outboard; a Fuji camera; coffee, beer, whiskey, gin and wine supplements; approximately 40 man-hours start to finish.
I mix with olive juice

The Names of the Guilty: *Buzz Killer*

This is kinda a lo-fi project wherein we started with *.mp3 two-mixes of drums and guitar and sometimes bass and went from there.

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1. Rock Show (Goin’ to a) 02:51
2. Doin’ Blue 03:54
3. Buzz Killer 01:55
4. You Name It (Call it in) 03:13
5. Left to Lose 03:20
6. From the Wink of a Dead Girl’s Eye 04:40
7. A Hot Mess 02:16
8. Welcome Home 03:09
9. Adorable Deplorable 03:16
10. Authenticity 03:24

Craig has this list he keeps in his underwear drawer, right next to his pistol and a cuppla spare clips. One night, a certain paid-for guest was looking for gold – Acapulco or metal, didn’t matter – and stuck the list in her bag and then later spilled that at police HQ. In the course of the investigation of the deaths of a number of her “clients”, see. Turns out, she had used that list to hire some help of her own, and when asked she spilled the names of the guilty …

released June 20, 2017

See individual songs for specifics, but generally:
CharlesM: most gtr., some base-stem mixes (*.mp3)
MickV: all vox and synth, ld. gtr., some bass, perc.
BrianB: most bass
RayM: most drums
AndyM: some base-stem mixes (*.mp3)
Vlayman: overdubbage, mixing, masturding, fartwek at FetaCentralRecording DDL.

Some eardrums were killt in the making of this mess, but the only aminals harmed are in the band.
bandcamp; vlayman;
THD; blog.
I mix with olive juice.

C/L-age, some mo’

Then I got serious:

I think I may also post about your bad ‘tude on gearslutz, in the muso forum, etc.

I will certainly tell all the band folks I know,and the music repair folks and other stores, about your crappy, arrogant, attitude.

I’ll be in the clubs 2nite, actually!

Oh, and I’ll be sure to mention your poor business practices, relations, and your apparent imminent BK – won’t forget that part, because you are so bloody cheap you hafta advertise on C/L with tag abuse.

Also – your prices for the most part suck, even on the shite you are flogging. And most of it is shite!

So, again, have a crappy day, night, week, year and life.

More C/L spam-store posts


Hi-Please do not buy from us-


Not only will I not buy from you annoying spammers, I will tell all of my friends not to, also.

Have a crappy day, now, y’hear?

My new C/L battle

OK, they actually apparently stepped on the spammers in the muso community.

Now, whenever I search for anything in the for sale, the same store (Perry’s) comes up with 20 items, entirely unrelated to what I’m searching for, and geographically undesirable.

I believe they are abusing tags …

So here is my message to them:

Your abuse of tags is so annoying in that whenever I search for anything your store comes up with unrelated items.

As a semi-pro who spends north of $7,500/year on music equipment, be advised I will NEVER buy from you when you waste so much of my time.

Vendors like you have found a new way to SPAM – congrats and go BK, soon.

C/L shite goes on

Just kinda documenting it …


He’s again tryna have a dialogue.

* FYI to M.E.V. – about deleting other people’s posts ***

For your information there M.E.V. when you THINK you’ve deleted someone’s post from Craigslist Musicians Section, think again … it takes more than ONE person, more than ONE email address to have a post deleted. CL has set up the system where there has to be 5 different emails to do so. All you’re doing is deleting that which you’ve deleted off YOUR reading of Craigslist Musicians Section – but NOT anyone else’s!

Then, the people you try to delete get to know what an ass you are. Because your ‘messages’ (Which no sane person will read) contains your email ID. I’ve actually contacted a few people to see if they were getting bullshit from you – and they all say they just ignore you. Maybe some open your shit & answer you – but it won’t be me. If I wanted to I could ‘block’ you – but I like when I get a notice of yours – it reminds me to REPOST!

You need to crawl out of your Mommy’s house and GET A LIFE! FIND A WOMAN, or a MAN in your case, whatever makes you feel like a human – and DO SOMETHING! Find a job or something to do besides being a pain in the ass. Go to the POLITICAL section and argue with others of YOUR kind – But, an ass like you probably already does that too!


So I renewed:

When you see music community SPAM

… hit “prohibited” at the top of the page.

Oh, and it’s OK to feel sorry for the nearly illiterate racists (you should see the ranting emails!) who can’t figure out how to rid themselves of over-priced junk, thinking you will be dumb enough to buy the crap they did and now can’t sell despite numerous, repeated spams. Over-priced PA, silly pointy guitars, cheap stereos for dummies, lame videos and alleged “music” – just hit “prohibited”.



So, my C/L new ad:

Jackson Pointy-head PA band (Orland Park)

Now forming, a new band dedicated to singing songs about spam.

If you:

have a PA to sell;
have a pointy guitar to sell;
insist on spamming;
are racist;
can’t control your anger; and,
are otherwise insecure,

hit me back, so I can laugh more at you.

Possible names: As the Jz Rains, Trailerpark Dooshes, A Band of Soloists, The Tuff Gurrls

Also, (for real,) interested in an originals recording and jam situation.
bandcamp; vlayman;
THD; blog.
I mix with olive juice.