EHX Slammi Polyphonic Pitch Shifter

At I said,

Interesting idear

Not too far different from a other pitch-shifting whammies in concept, uses dials to set up which you can’t really do on the fly, and requires a bit of a “touch” to use with full potential. IOW, if you wanna get yer Morello on, you need to spend time with it. For me, it’s a useful noise-making variation for the odd – very odd – solo. 4/5

The Situation

Marc Sorrentino, left, and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, right, at a nightclub in Las Vegas on Feb. 14, 2012. (David Becker via Getty Images)
Marc Sorrentino, left, and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, right, at a nightclub in Las Vegas on Feb. 14, 2012.
In 2010 I wrote a song about this clown and recorded it:

The Situation

from THD in 24 by The Hungry Drunx

The Situation
c. ’10 The Hungry Drunx

Don’t tell me about the investigation
You ain’t wanna know this frustration
Ain’t no need to cry

Don’t be exhibiting youur elation
Keep it on the reservation
Ain’t no need to cry

This is the situation


from THD in 24, released September 18, 2010
Drums: SNARL
Bass: P-Marshall-Ribbon-ARTtps
Gtrs: Red Fernandes-Marshall-Ribbon-VTB1
Vox, Tambo: AT4040


all rights reserved
His story is here (remove the *):

Why more than one bass?

from a discussion at, I answered:


I record much more than I play gigs, so I have a number of basses for different sounds.
Wrapped strings, flats, rounds, active EQ, “low”-guitar tuning, acoustic/electric, fretless electric, fretless acoustic/electric, slide set-up, single-coils vs. humbuckers vs. piezo/mic’d and P vs. J … they all sound different, and make me play a little different.

Secret weapon

Asked “what’s yer secret weapon” at, I answered:

Live: my energy, timing and not fearing to look foolish
Recording: fretboard and theory knowledge/creativity
Gear: headless basses and Dunlop .73mm nylons, and a truckload of pedals; fretless; “low” guitar
Double-secret probation secret: if he’s good, play to the drummer’s hi-hat

Los Altercocker Rawkers: *gRabbit*


1. gRabbit (A Nasty Habit) 03:37
2. Unhinged 04:08
3. Feelin’ Like (I Been) 04:05
4. Options 04:40
5. A Silent Violence 03:39
6. Black Francis 04:09
7. Hey, Man 04:33
8. Hey-ey-ey-ey, Oh 03:52
9. Joey Ran 04:22
10. The Dog & The Wolf 04:35
11. The Ballad of Roy Moore 04:22

We keeps gettin’ older, and louder. And we ain’t drink anymore, only we ain’t drink any less. Plus, we ain’t sleep much, but we rock.

released December 29, 2017

Drums: Jimmy “UPS” C.
Gtrs: Tom “IBM” S.
Other shite: Mick “STFU” V.

Writ, recorded, overdubbed, edited, mixt, re-mixt, re-re-mixt, masturded at FetaCentral, DDL.
Fartwerk: Jose Jones

Beers and whiskey was consumered in the making of this, and many bottles were killt. And brain cells. And some timpanic membranes, mebbe.

I mix with olive juice.