EHX Bass Clone

My review:

5 stars

Chorus w/ crossover & EQ

May 18, 2017

I’ve a few chorus pedals, Boss, Digicrap, Zoom, Vox, etc. While they sorta do it on bass, (some are meant to, some are for guitar) plugging this in found the bass chorus sound in my head. The EQ is going to be very useful, the bass-boost is substantial. I like the crossover, which actually doesn’t change the EQ like I feared it might, but just applies the chorus effect above the crossover point. Nice small size (like the newer pre’s and nano stuff), comes with a battery. So, whether for subtle thickening or a much heavier (tho’ not quite “underwater”) chorusing, you can clone me in.


Z Vex Box o’ Rocks

Now, J. Mascis used to call this his fave dirt and I can see why. It is NOT over the top, closer to the SHO then the Mammoth, but damn do it sound good. And why Mascis “used to”? Because he had ’em build a Double Box to stack ’em what is pretty cool but not for me, but then I ain’t J.

5/5 olives

Z Vex Distortron

Marshall-inna-box is the cliche, but true. The triple sub thing is what sets it apart and makes it invaluable on bass. But, run a boost pedal into it with guitar and say goodbye to yer lease.  I mean, even in front of a 15w. amp, you’ll be killin’ skeeters and have the cops visit.

5/5 olives.

Z Vex Super Duper 2 in 1

This is a secret pedal of mine for bass. I use it into my Ampeg BA 108 (ver. 1) and get all kindsa inspired and sometimes can’t stop playin’.

But, it’s a secret, y’all, so don’t tell no one. (Pretty good on guitar, also, altho’ I have other preferences …)

5/5 olives

Hofner Fuzz

OK, I got mine, so lemme say some pedal-maker guy at Reverb mentioned how flexible was the Hofner Fuzz pedal. Now, it’s made in China, it’s kinda a plainish military grey rectangle box, and it can be noisy, but damn if he wasn’t correct. I’m a distortion-pedal kinda guy, and boosts and fuzz and such gimme wood. This one (US$35 or so) is as much fun as my recently acquired Z Vex’s. I mean, it’s not anywhere built as nice nor looks as nice, but it sure sounds good – it’s fun! And if ya ain’t believe me, you might be one of my neighbors … Twisted Evil

4/5 olives, cuz it’s built mebbe cheap in China, and it’s a touch noisy …

Z Vex Vexter Super Dooper 2 in 1

The Super Duper 2in1 is terrific on bass into my recording amp (Ampeg BA 108), it ups the Ampegnessossity.


5 olives.

In defense of U2 (like they need it)

Responding to a friend’s apathy, I posted at LO:

Big fan here.

They started out as a Irish punk band with a message.

I’m not religious but I’ve never found their proselytizing offensive.

They started to get more and more atmospheric, and then went techno.

Now, they combine a little of all of that, with excellent and even cutting-edge production.

Sure, Bono can be a wanker, but can’t we all, and he seems sincere and also has done a lot of good social work.

Every record has at least one hit, many have more, and IMNSFHO they all have a minimum of 1/3 terrific content.

I listen to all of their records, still (other than Rattle & Hum, which still has some great tunes in “Bullet the Blue Sky” and the B.B. track) and look forward to their next.

While there exist many bands who have copied part of what they do (starting mebbe with The Fixx), their totality is unique, including their sound, vocals and performance skills.

Besides Bono’s unique voice and The Edge’s much-copied guitar work, Mullen has done a lot of very good session work (Robbie Robertson, Dylan, et al.), and Clayton gets one of my fave bass sounds.