2-17 RPM Challenge entry

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1. Cry for Me 04:01
2. Reckless & Radiant 02:58
3. Killin’ Time (Until the Killin’ Time) 03:57
4. The Clean-Up Man 05:06
5. Drinkin’ Irish 03:25
6. Relevant (A Rumour Pretending to Be) 04:05
7. Leave Me 03:21
8. High Noon (My Lowest) 03:28
9. Plomo o Plato 03:42
10. Two Second Second 03:59

This album was writ, recorded, mixt and masturd between 2-1 and 2-19-17 for the RPM.com February Challenge.
Some brain cells was killt.

released February 19, 2017

Drums: Vezina
Guitars: Vlay
Bass, Fretless Bass, Slide Bass, Bass VI: Vlaydude
Synths, Organ: Vlayboy
Vocals: Vlayperson
Tambo: Vlayman

Drums recorded at Renae’s Place by Vlayman; all else and mixing/masturding at Feta Central DDL, songs and fartwerk by Vlayman, c. ’17.

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I mix with olive juice.

Headline of the day

$4 million Lamborghini supercars recalled after fires

Can you say, “Schadenfreude”?

lamborghini Veneno recall car
Lamborghini’s limited edition Venenos cars cost at least $4 million each.

carpal diem!


C/L spamisms, ain’t it over?

Thank you for fanning us.We are currently out of CDs.  Just leave your address and we will send you a  CD when available. As theReign Falls

“Fanning” you? Again, thanks for the laughs, douchebag. ;-D

C/L trollin’ on …

OK, some mo’:

As TheReign Falls has friends and fans all over the world. Why doesn’t the coward reveal himself?

All this and spam, too – I’m honored.

Best part? You haven’t had time to spam again, even as I respond between recording tracks and while files are rendering.

Mebbe you could change yer name to, The Rain Balls.

C/L spammer gets mad now …

Fuck off fucker

There it is! There’s the erudite genius I knew was hiding behind all the subtlety!

There’s the sensitive soul, the artiste, the true rock star!

You oughta change your band name to, The Reacharounds.

Trollin’ C/L, still

Drunk put your life together and leave us musicians alone
You are not about being a musician on C/L- you are being a spammin’ fool.

Grow up, get a life, stop interfering with real musicians interested in connecting with other real musicians all of whom are not interested in lame spamming twits who can’t write an email, much less a song.

C/L trollin’ part 3

Here’s more:

just prohibit yourself you drunk from craigslist
Thanx for the larfs, doosh – now, stop the spamming and your life will get better