Vlayman: “Some Blooze*


1. Pull It Off 03:28
2. Ain’t No Heroes 06:28
3. Damn Shame 03:44
4. Some Change 04:00
5. How I Play 03:57

When I told a ol’ friend of many bands about this, he said, “But you don’t play the blues.”

He’s correct – this is some blooze.

released October 12, 2019

Ever’thin’ by yo at FetaCentralRecording DDL, souf of Chi.

Fartwerk by Jose Jones.

No aminals was harmed during the making of this collection, but I did kill a relationship

– OK, two.

Thanx to pinot grigio, seagrams extra dry, tullamore do, evan williams and peychaud.

THDGeronimo Cowboys;
I mix with olive juice.

scumble: *bad lads*


1. Deina kai Chara 03:36
2. Blood on the Baby 04:01
3. Bad Lads 04:05
4. The Worst Thang 04:07
5. Friend, Luna 03:14

They met on anuvver Planet, dedicated to doing what they wanted, destined to, even, and then they came and they wreaked havoc, and they was knowed as bad lads …

released October 5, 2019

Bad Lad Grankspoine: keys, guitars, horns, percussion, derrangments, sequencing, knife-work
Bad Lad Vlayman: all else and bludgeons

Produced, recorded, mixt, masturd at FetaCentralRecording, DDL Chicago, IL except BLG’s stuff done in London, UK

Fartwerk: a St. Werther’s alum

THDGeronimo Cowboys;
I mix with olive juice.

Vlayman: *the honey trap*


1. How Were Ya 04:33
2. Indelible Scar 03:21
3. Honey Trap 05:34
4. Amber Happiness 05:01
5. Drug Problem (Everything Is Better) 03:31

the usual shite

released September 20, 2019

Everythin’ is yo ‘cept the drums was taked from Ron K.’s playin’ and looped.
All recorded at Feta Central Recording DDL souf of Chi where also were done the writin’, mixin’, masturdin’ and sequetializin’.
Fartwerk by Jose Jones.

THDGeronimo Cowboys;
I mix with olive juice.

Vlayman: *On High*


1. My Worst Instincts 03:28
2. Ghostin’ Me 03:41
3. On High 05:15
4. fashie bae – feat. Andy M 03:43
5. Confirmation Bias 04:44

with all the shootings, the politix, the enviro issues and other shite, what else canna poor boy do?

All sounds by yo except Silversmith of the North on drums on #4 and nettage as to the rest
Recorded, mixt, masturd, sequenced at FetaCentralRecording, DDL souf of Chi except Andy’s drums was originally done on the tundra
Fartwerk by Jose Jones

released September 14, 2019

THDGeronimo Cowboys;
I mix with olive juice.

Re *The Palace*

In response to an inquiry, I replied (because of course I did),

The gin was my fave, Seagram’s Extra dry. I like it wif at least one olive, and mebbe onyums or pickled ‘shrooms, and a teaspoon of olive juice, 1-3 rocks.

Alternatively, no rocks or fruit, and 4-5 drops of bitters, lately Pechaud.

All of the guitars (G&L F-100 or Gibson American, into a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe with various pedals, mic’d close with a CAD Trion 8000 ribbon into a UA710, or far with a Shiny Box 23L into an ISA 1, or both, using Cathedral Pipes boosters) were recorded the night of 8-31-19. On three of the tracks I replaced Sam the Ghost, but did not listen to his tracks before I played on ’em.  I hadda re-learn a cuppla the songs as the bass and drums and vox was done early August.

Attached is a pic of the guitar amps.

Note that “Courage”, “The Palace” and a”A Black Sleep” were recorded using my fretless Hohner B2 (mic’d wiffa Peavey 520 onna Ampeg BA108 amp, split into a The Brick and 16XT, and a Meek VC3Q). The other two used a Alvarez with the same chain except a Shure SM7b mic. And I used some – surprise! – pedals …

Vlayman: *The Palace (a E.P.)*


1. A Black Sleep 03:42
2. ICU 03:34
3. The Palace 04:00
4. Rainmaker 03:29
5. Courage 03:30

I just keep tryna be louder, see …

released September 2, 2019

Drums is nettage, all sounds (including fretless bass – ain’ I gettin’ better?) is me, what also wroted, derranged, recorded, mixt, masturd and randumbly sequenced ever’thang.

Fartwerk, as always, is by Jose Jones.

Only a bottle of gin was killt in the making hereof, altho a lotta time was wasted re-recording guitar parts – so, no thanx to Sam for that.

all rights reserved

THDGeronimo Cowboys;
I mix with olive juice.

S.T.V.: *Take the High Road*

The new band.


1. Hold My Beer 03:45
2. Take Me All the Way 04:09
3. The High Road 03:56
4. Give It to Me 04:11
5. Right Here (Meet Me) 03:21
6. Process 03:42
7. You Know Ever’thing 04:25
8. Wishes Are for Fountains 04:19
9. Red Pill 04:39
10. Out There Thing 02:56

Aiight, so was this C/L ad axin’ for “Geezers to Rock” what someone put up and, bein’ geeze’d sounded ok so we answered it and here is what we made.
released July 13, 2019

S.: guitars and beer
T.: guitars and beer
V.: bass and whiskey and shite
Drums: Vezina on #’s 2,3; JimC on #1
Special guest: Ouzo

Writ, playt, recorded, mixt, masturd, sequenced at FetaCentralRecoring DDL, souf of Chi, 6-15 thru 7-13-19.
c. ’19
Fartwerk by Jose Jones.
all rights reserved

THDGeronimo Cowboys;
I mix with olive juice.