S.T.V.: *Take the High Road*

The new band.


1. Hold My Beer 03:45
2. Take Me All the Way 04:09
3. The High Road 03:56
4. Give It to Me 04:11
5. Right Here (Meet Me) 03:21
6. Process 03:42
7. You Know Ever’thing 04:25
8. Wishes Are for Fountains 04:19
9. Red Pill 04:39
10. Out There Thing 02:56

Aiight, so was this C/L ad axin’ for “Geezers to Rock” what someone put up and, bein’ geeze’d sounded ok so we answered it and here is what we made.
released July 13, 2019

S.: guitars and beer
T.: guitars and beer
V.: bass and whiskey and shite
Drums: Vezina on #’s 2,3; JimC on #1
Special guest: Ouzo

Writ, playt, recorded, mixt, masturd, sequenced at FetaCentralRecoring DDL, souf of Chi, 6-15 thru 7-13-19.
c. ’19
Fartwerk by Jose Jones.
all rights reserved

THDGeronimo Cowboys;
I mix with olive juice.

Vlayman: *Daisy Daisy*


1. Daisy Daisy 03:29
2. Penguin 03:46
3. I Eat Dreams 06:41
4. Never to Be 03:03
5. Cataclysm 04:03

Independence Day week project.

Only a few brain cellses was killt during the making hereof.

released July 6, 2019

Downloaded drums edited, and all else, by yo.
Writ, recorded, mixt, masturd, sequenced at
FetaCentralRecording DDL, souf of Chi,
7-1 thru 7-5-19.

Artwerk by Jose Jones.

Dad-band name

I postered these at talkbass:

The Getoffamylawns
Iron Pill Butterfly and the Blue Cheer Pills
The Incontinents
D. Mentia and the Forget-me-nots
The Hearing Aids
18 and Holding
The Co-Signers
Discounted Seniors
The Little Blue Pills
Prune-age Daydream
The Walkers
We Don’t Drive After Dark
The Early Bird Specials
Barefoot to School in the Snow
Reverse Mortgage
See Alice
Vee Agro
The Aleve
OMCA (does disco, see)
Forever Done (Dylan covers)
The Pesci Yutes (movie themes)
Cheddar and the Fine Whiners (aged-like, see)

Message about nothing*

So a buddy sent this:

I read it and responded thus:


I started reading Venus and Adonis, also, got 1/2 done, gave up, but it is funny.

I took 4 semesters of Shakie in college; in one class met and feel in love with a black girl – Millicent J. – from the South Side and had a relationship with her for about a year, even went to her home and partied with her friends – I recall hearing “The Message” and “White Lines” before anyone else I knew ever spoke of rap or hip hop. Shakespearean lyrics there!


*”nothing”, BTW, = vagina, see: https://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2016/03/loves-labours-found-saving-shakespeares-puns/471786/

A good ‘splainer of Analog vs. Digital

Q: A philosophical question: If you accept the premise that an audience at a gig can’t really tell the difference between a digital modeling amp and pedals, effects, and analog gear (whether the digital gear has gotten so good, or due to a lack of discerning ears), why even bother with analog gear anymore?
 Here’s why I would bother: I would not accept that premise. We can do a quick A/B test and we both might even say they sound the same. But in a live setting, a guitar player playing through pedals and a tube amp will have more “heft” and “weight” in a mix than any emulator I’ve heard over the last 30 years. I wonder if there’s both a content and a wavelength issue? Perhaps it’s because there’s richer harmonic content launching from speaker cabinets rumbling 10 to 15 feet behind an artist, reinforcing what the audience hears from the PA firing forward.

But here’s the more relevant issue: Does it matter to you? For me, there’s nothing quite like the dynamic response of good gear. Rolling back your guitar volume through pedals and amps running at high gain, where you can directly feel how your pressure on the strings will change the current that your magnets send to the speakers.… To be able to play lightly or dime that control and dig in can feel like having a superpower—like telekinesis, where I could gently turn the pages in a book across the room, or knock the walls down.


Vlayman: *The 30 Cent Cure*


1. DemoRepub 03:18
2. Hippie Dip w JimC 03:49
3. The Way of It w Silversmith 03:34
4. Remember You 04:06
5. The 30 Cent Cure 04:31
6. Doncha Walk Out 04:36
7. Nuthin’ Better to Do 03:33
8. The Bottom 04:00
9. 30 Covers, My Arse (instrumental) 04:30
10. All of Yer Daughters w Silversmith 04:11

Well da blooze thang fell apart, the psychobilly boys never called back, and here I is, still writin’, playin’, recordin’.

released May 17, 2019

All yo except as credited (JimC and Silversmith play drums as listed).
Writ, playt, recurded, mixt, masturd, sequenced at FetaCentralRecording DDL, souf of Chi.
Fartwerk by Jose Jones.
Dedicated to the one-eyed glove

A CD review

South Of Reality ★★★★★   from Michael V. on May 11, 2019
An intentional left turn
Not a left turn for these guys themselves – you

can hear their prior work and even influences.

But a left turn for current music, for sure.

Do try it in cans, and quiet, and loud.