Amazon question – answered


I thought about responses:

1. No, they understand nothing – they are socks.

2. No, they are genderless.

3. Why are you so concerned with the color?

4. Why are you so concerned with the size?

5. Be patient, it may take more than a month.

6. Some, not all of them.

7. Perhaps just one, but hopefully not more than a pair.

8. Depends on if their scrotums develop.

9. Yes. but we may have to remove them for:
a. reproductive control
b. their own health

10. Not if you don’t expose ’em to jizz.


Vlayman: *Window Pane*

1. No Other Excuse 04:23
2. Licorice 03:41
3. When I Go Out 03:50
4. Borrow My Heart 03:40
5. Window Pane 03:51

Sex, drugs, politics – all the food groups, writ and recorded, mixt and masturd between 1-27 and 2-5-19 at FetaCentralRecording, DDL, somewhere souf of Chi, between -27F and 52F outside, wif snow, rain, ice, fog and even a li’l sunshine goin’ on, the rent overdue, the booze runnin’ out and the ballz itchin’.

released February 8, 2019

All songs & sounds Vlayman except drums on “WIGO” by JimC and the rest of drums is nettage.
Fartwerk by Jose Jones
c.’ 10. Vlayman

THDGeronimo Cowboys;
I mix with olive juice.

The One-Spot

Inna discussion re power supplies at lostoverture, I said:

The only time I had a issue with a 1-Spot was when I used it with a EHX Freeze pedal in the chain and it created some distortion and drop outs. The solution was to give the Freeze its own power supply; some pedals, usually high power-sucking or very old ones, don’t chain well.

But I routinely use a single 1-spot for up to 12 pedals; keep in mind that the 12 pedals are never turned on all at once, until they are, and you don’t notice any glitches when doing that!

Nick Cave

Responding to a friend’s critique that Cabe is MOR, or at best unoriginal (after listening to “I Need You” and then some Grinderman):

Yer jes’ a modern guy, of course you’ve haddit in the ear before.

But I don’t think Cave exists necessarily as a example of new or cutting edge music so much as a vehicle for his words and vibe, executed in his blues/chamber-pop stylee (what you call MOR).

You don’t listen to Warren Ellis for the solos themselves, but rather for the emotion they convey – altho’ I submit you may have failed to notice that his noise is made with a tenor guitar into ultra-hi-gain pedals and amps. I know of no one doing that even yet (note that the Grinderman stuff is 8 or 9 years old now).  And yes, Grinderman was just doing Jon Spencer Blues Explosion what goes back to RL Burnside and his antecedents – the Stones somewhat branched off from there, The Cramps, etc.

IMO, Cave, whether with the Bad Seeds or Grinderman or whomever, successfully makes silly and poetic and noisy and MOR music on his own artistic terms.  I’m a fan, and he gives good concert, too, BTW.

rambling of tubes and reverbs and multi-fx

re discussion at lostoverture:

my nite train has i think gt powers and ruby pre’s.

tubes are fun, but as long as they function – particularly expensive power tubes – i leave ’em in

an exception is to up or lower gain; a 12at7 is lower gain and sounds somewhat different than a 12ax7, and they vary by brand, etc.; a 12au7 is used in many tube mic’s for a reason – very”clean” and low gain. so, i have a 12au7 in my pro,jr. as the 1st pre tube.  bottom line is i’ll roll pre tubes to address a issue such as a smaller amp needing more headroom, but i general i leave ’em until they fail – i have amps that get 1-20/hrs a year playing time that the tubes are 30 years old

i have never paid more than US$100 for a reverb pedal but i bought ’em used. i have ehx, t-rex, malekko, etc.  and even a old monkey ward quadraverb. i love the ehx holy grail best; the neo is great, also.  that said, this gets some good reviews at US$25:


The power tubes do make a difference, but to me it’s not just like comparing vodkers – it’s like comparing vodkers inna gin and tonic with extra lime – the specific vodker is pretty close to indiscernible in the mix.  Now, to force the metaphor, in the amp flava if the lime is the pre-amp tubes, well, there’s a difference between key limes, limes and Rose’s.

I did some recording lately with the Stomplab DI, including on ass bass* – I’ll be releasing it soon; I’m really liking that pedal for what it is, what is a very good, reasonably-priced multi-fx.

But do buy the US$25 reverb, lemme know how it is.  thumbup

*That is actual edit of a actual typo.

Re guitar modeling, etc.

Posting at lost overture re this:

I said,

My take is, re this stuff,…

Synthaxe’s and the like, are synths with guitar controller/interfaces. FWIW, I recall that some of those controller/interfaces, altho’ they look like guitars, don’t even need tuning or more than minimal  string tension  …

Modelers like in the video are guitars with synth sound generators – not that different, except in intent – play synth sounds with a guitar controller/interface vs. play guitar and get guitar (and other sounds) with a synth engine.

I just wanna play a guitar for guitar sounds; go ahead and talk about pedals, amps, etc. – you do know what I mean.

Now, like jr said, there’s a place for the modelers – in his case for that limited use of a intro.  I suspect he would agree that playing an entire song with that gear would be much different than with a mic’d Martin, or even a DI’d Ovation …

And I use modelers for convenience, speed, and sometimes for their integral sound – they work much better than you might predict for recording purposes.

But as a player, they are much different, and not to my preference.  And that includes me wearing my listener hat, especially live where I seldom hear ’em tweaked to best effect.  That said, pro’s on stage and in the studio, and I s’pose them what are sufficiently motivated, can tweak ’em into place.

But at the risk of redundancy, I’d rather plug my Tele into a Fender, or my Paul into a Marshall, versus successfully program that sound, but lose the feel, vibe, and experience.

Finally, I’ve never been in the room with much less played top-line shite like the Kemper, but I can always hear the Roland, Line6, Pod, Zoom, ADA, Fender, Behringer, etc., modeling stuff for what it is, and especially for what it isn’t.  And I’ve played all of  what I’ve listed (except Pod and Line6), also, and it don’t feel correct, neever.

One reason I like baking chicken in the oven

… is it never cooks on time which means I’m stuck having a extra martoonie.

2nite, with olive, fresh mushroom and onion.