New E.P.: *The Clown Car*

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1. Chancer (She’s a) 03:21
2. A Ridiculous Man 04:09
3. The Clown Car 04:13
4. There He Goes 04:16
5. Crazy Ways 03:01
6. Anything Today 04:06
7. Let It All Out 04:30

Aiight, so we’s met on the C/L and decided for to get t’gevver and make some noize what started as bass and drummage one evening and were turnt to these choons, aiight.

Equipment used included a Roland TD11, a Revelation RTF60, a Vox Nitetrain, a Blackstar 1×12″, a Fender Pro,Jr., a Hohner B2, a Yamaha YC, a MXL Genesis FET, a M-Audio Luna, a EV N/D 608, some Vox and MXR and DOD pedals, a Focusrite ISA1, a ART TPS, a PreSonus Eureka, a Zoom R16, and some martoonies, coffee and plonk.
released April 23, 2017

JimC: Roland drums
Vlayman: all else

recorded,writ, mixt, and masturd at Feta Central DDL, April 9-23, 2017
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THD; blog.
I mix with olive juice.

In defense of U2 (like they need it)

Responding to a friend’s apathy, I posted at LO:

Big fan here.

They started out as a Irish punk band with a message.

I’m not religious but I’ve never found their proselytizing offensive.

They started to get more and more atmospheric, and then went techno.

Now, they combine a little of all of that, with excellent and even cutting-edge production.

Sure, Bono can be a wanker, but can’t we all, and he seems sincere and also has done a lot of good social work.

Every record has at least one hit, many have more, and IMNSFHO they all have a minimum of 1/3 terrific content.

I listen to all of their records, still (other than Rattle & Hum, which still has some great tunes in “Bullet the Blue Sky” and the B.B. track) and look forward to their next.

While there exist many bands who have copied part of what they do (starting mebbe with The Fixx), their totality is unique, including their sound, vocals and performance skills.

Besides Bono’s unique voice and The Edge’s much-copied guitar work, Mullen has done a lot of very good session work (Robbie Robertson, Dylan, et al.), and Clayton gets one of my fave bass sounds.

Re the C/L posts, spamming, etc.

In response to a question as to how a band posting their videos on a musicians wanted website constitutes spam, I replied:

You are advertising through your videos in a forum meant for musicians to meet and/or further their musicianship – not yours. Whatever you seek to obtain, whether it’s money, gigs, attention, you are posting spam. Your spam creates a waste of time and space for the intended users of the forum. See below.

Electronic spamming is the use of electronic messaging systems to send an unsolicited message (spam), especially advertising, as well as sending messages repeatedly on the same site. While the most widely recognized form of spam is email spam, the term is applied to similar abuses in other media: instant messaging spamUsenet newsgroup spam, Web search engine spamspam in blogswiki spamonline classified ads spam, mobile phone messaging spamInternet forum spamjunk fax transmissionssocial spam, spam mobile apps,[1] television advertising and file sharing spam. It is named after Spam, a luncheon meat, by way of a Monty Python sketch about a menu that includes Spam in every dish.[2][3] The food is stereotypically disliked/unwanted, so the word came to be transferred by analogy.
[italics mine]

f/u to C/L funnage

Damn… Is there an easy way to grow balls? I only have a vagina.
My condolences, especially for your inability to see the metaphor, and not least for your need to make

an issue of your [alleged] gender.


you’re the one that brought up balls. not me. I think it’s funny that you still send emails. It’s almost like you just wanted someone to talk to. I’m glad I could be here for you.
I’m just killing time.

I actually enjoy making fun of spammers, the disingenuous, and sales weasels. It’s harmless good fun fucking with people who deserve it.

Thanks for playing.

Did I win?
If you think so, who am I to disagree?

I’m just an honest musician tired of all the spammers wasting my time as I

try to hook up with other real musicians.


Maybe there’s a reason you’re having a hard time…but who am I to say. At least you agree I win the game 🙂

“hard time” – is that a pun?

Nope, I just lost a drummer due to his illness, and am looking for a new collaboration.

But don’t be insecure, you are entitled to your opinions, as I am to mine.

If you think you are not a spammer, and you “won”, well, you are also entitled to your delusions.

In the meantime, I have no need to sell $20 DIY buffers nor to defend my spamming in doing so. While you annoyed me, you made me laugh.

I think that I “won”.


But you waid “who am I to disagree”, and yet here you are disagreeing. you’re making me sad Sad If you were nice to me, maybe I could hit some drums for you.

Glad you are sad – that was the point, see, to raise your self-awareness as a spammer, who by definition is “sad”.

And while I need a drummer, I am afraid that your conduct as a spammer rules you out, no matter how good you are going to claim to be.

Consequences, ma’am, too bad in that you seem to have a decent intellect and a sense of humour, but that doesn’t make up for your spamming ways.


But I play a really good half time shuffle.
Ah, well.

Until I find an acceptable musical partner, I can work with loops and downloaded multi-tracks and my prior drummers’ multi-tracks that I recorded.

Some of those drum tracks are even half-time shuffles.

I have no need or desire of you as a drummer, much less as a spammer.

Remember, “consequences”.


I don’t remember the consequences…oh well. If you’re using loops, then no need for a real musician off craigslist, right?

How soon (but not inconsistently) you claim forget, but I’m happy to remind you.

We “met” from your activities as a spammer, and you have been disingenuous in that regard; I have no reason to and therefor do not believe that you are a “real musician”, nor do I care.

Those are the consequences of your spamming and, perhaps, even more of your denial.

Sad as it is, loops are infinitely preferable to time-wasters and liars.

Now, I need to get back to mixing, and since I’m finally tired of torturing you, I wish you a nice life and hope you’ll move your sales-weaseling over to the proper “music instr” forum.

Oh no, I was so happy I just found a new friend! Thanks for reminding me though. I have a short memory. I really musicians don’t have the time to waste on me. Maybe I can be one some day.

More C/L funnage

Guitar buffer pedal $20

This is a guitar buffer pedal, it isolates the signal chain on both sides. It preserves your signal from the point you have it in your chain and brings the highs back into your tone.

If you’re having “tone suck” from having a bunch of pedals or want to isolate part of your board electronically from the other, this is the best thing for it in the small form factor of an Altoid Tin.

If you’re trying to preserve your guitar’s pure tone, put it right in front of your effects pedals. If you want to prevent high end loss from cables running to your amp, put it at the end of your board. If you’re trying to isolate two parts of your board that don’t play well together, put it in the middle of them.

If yore noticing your highs disappear, or a muddy tone, this will help!
Spam sucks, and so do spammers.
Lol, the craigslist police. [He’s gotta point.  ;D]
LOL, you are a douche.

And I am just a user sick of self-centered, time-wasting hacks too stupid to realize hawking their useless crap in the wrong forum only pisses the real musicians off.
You can say whatever, you’re hilarious. I’ve sold many things to musicians on this community, especially things that wouldn’t have normally sold. I could care less about your spam. Seriously it’s like all you do is browse this Craigslist community. What are you looking for? Maybe I can help, since you have all this free time
You’re a real musician. Get off Craigslist and go play
1. That I’m “hilarious” shows your defensiveness and/or incomprehension of the annoyance you truly are.
2. That you “sold many” tons of crap to idiots doesn’t mean you are not a spammer.
3. That you missed it the first time doesn’t mean I won’t tell you what I want, again: stop spamming.
4. That you are so defensive tells me, despite your self-deception, you know you are a spammer.

You can’t normalize or even successfully defend your commercial behaviour – look up “spam on wikipedia:
I didn’t even read your email.
Why are you wasting your life responding to me?
It amuses me to call out fools, see.

And you, whether self-deluded or believing you are cleverly disingenuous, are but a fool
Wow, thanks for enlightening me. Can you teach me how to be like you?
First, grow a pair.

Then, grow a brain with a conscience.

Finally, stop deluding yourself, and lying to others.

Eventually, upon realizing you actually now and will forever lack the basic sense and decency to even get close, much less the balls and ability to want to, you’ll know what to do.


Moronic C/L muso ad

Pro Trump Musicians Wanted

That’s right , that’s what I said pro Trump musicians wanted because that’s what I am and I’m proud of it and I don’t want to hang with any leftist brain washed liberal anti American New World Order (NWO) pro globalist mainstream media dick licking mother fuckers with their heads up their ass. Now that we’ve got that out of the way , do I have any takers that can actually play it like it was meant to be played? I’m an American Music lover that loves everything from rock to country to blues to R&B to folk to metal to everything in between and damn good at what I do and I’m not going to apologize for any of it. I’m looking to be with a group of my own kind that knows exactly what I’m talking about and ain’t afraid to admit it. And please , don’t confuse this some political Democrat / Republican bullshit either cause that ain’t what this is about. It’s about playing music with people with the same core values and beliefs that actually have respect for each other that you can count on! If any of this clicks with you drop me a line and we’ll go from there. I’m primarily a guitarist and a singer that plays other things too. Hope to hear from you soon!

“And please , don’t confuse this some political Democrat / Republican bullshit either cause that ain’t what this is about.”

yes it is, you made it so, dumbass

funny funny funny – I’m going to quote this one

oh, and if  I fit into your description of “leftist brain washed liberal anti American New World Order (NWO) pro globalist mainstream media dick licking mother fuckers with their heads up their ass”, you’re still and forever just a silly douchebag with undoubtedly small hands, a fear of women and common sense, and a need to aggressively over-compensate for your inability to understand exactly why you  hero-worship a complete corporate-America shill and fraud

have a shit day to match your idiotic and offensive ad, but I also wish you as big a laugh as you gave me

Some short inexpensive LDC’s& MDC’s for vocals reviews

In answer to a friend’s query:

For a relatively inexpensive MDC or LDC I could easily reco for vocals:

Sterling ST6050 Ocean Way – lots of depth, sounds kinda vintage, sweet top

MXL Genesis FET – brighter than the 6050, not dissimilar

Sennheiser MK4 – very clean, neutral and accurate

Shure KSM27 (MDC) – nicely colored for vocals, fairly neutral, a little bright

ADK A6 – no color, neutral, seems dark because of that

Blue Spark – like a lot of less expensive LDC’s, but cleaner, and has a switchable cap for color

AT 4040 (MDC) – nicely colored, a little bright, accurate, can have some vocal artifacts at times, nice on OH’s

M-Audio Luna – a fave on vocals, very colored, vintage sounding

M-Audio Solaris – multi-pattern version of the Luna -I prefer the Luna, but they are close

CAD GLX 3000 – like a lot of less expensive LDC’s, but cleaner, slightly colored

CAD M179 – accurate, kind of dark, nice on OH’s