Re tort

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tortantuan: large and of tort
tortish: language incorporating tort
tortillo: of Spanish tort
tortski: of Polish tort
tortapolous: of Greek tort
o’tort: of Irish tort
torticology: the study of tort
tortnorris: the quality of beating all else
tortilized: hypnotized, mesmerized by tort
tortathetic: someone not that into tort
torticulturist: one who attempts to grow tort
tortistic: of or having to do with tort
tortist: one whose politics require tort
tortean: ethnically tort
tortapean: genetically tort
tortopian: one who seeks their salvation in tort
tortan: the pattern of tort on a kilt or tie
tortage: items with tort
tortverse: where we live

Trinary System

I have long loved Mission of Burma’s Roger Miller, from “That’s When I Reach for My Revolver” and “Academy Fight Song” on.

Do get the Trinary System bandcamp releases, especially Lights in the Center of Your Head.

If you’ve not heard ’em, you are missing punk/funk/noise like no one else did or currently even comes close to, altho’ I do find some resemblance to classic Gang of Four. Likely my fave current power trio – they are all excellent players.

Movie: The Trial of the Chgo 7

Sasha Baron Borat (;-D) as Abbie is excellent, as is the guys play lookalike Jerry Garcia and Bobbyseale (say it like Maya Rudolph), but the Judge Julius Ceasar actor and esp. Michael Keaton are my faves. 4.5/5 olives.

The art vs. the artist

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[The] comment on Charlie Daniels politics being different than [mine] his raises in my 2:00 AM 2-cocktail mind an issue I’ve been chewing on for the last year or so.

I, too, was a fan of CDB from high school on until a few years ago until I learned of his (to me) abhorrent politics and social views. Same with the Nuge. Then there’s Ryan Adams, an artist I truly loved and now can’t comfortably listen to. And most recently, Van the Man and Liam Gallagher and their idiotic posturing re the freedom and liberty of endangering others in a pandemic.

I really wanna find a way back to their art, but so far can’t get past the seriously flawed artists.

Re mixing

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One thing that has helped me over the years is doing and re-doing, which is obvious, but not to be under-estimated. Mix anything and everything, your stuff, others’, downloads, and in different ways – bright, rhythm driven, vocal emphasized, etc.

And read. I read here, elsewhere on the net, certainly TapeOp magazine. Equipment reviews at places like SOS often have practice tips, as well. And books. I really learned a lot from books. Mike Senior’s are excellent, Mixerman’s, The Guerilla book, the various “Handbooks”. Older books are cheap on ebay, etc. – you just might have to ignore a few chapters on ADAT or whatever.

And, listen. I mean, put on yer Walkman or yer Discman or yer Ipod/digital player or yer phone, listen to stuff you like and stuff you do and stuff that has something you wanna do and compare and contrast. Listen to AM and FM, to earbuds and monitors and living room and bookshelf stereos and in yer car. Listen to love, but also to analyze. What makes FM sound like FM? Why does an 808 kick on a 80’s dance track sound so good there but not work in a track? Youtube studio vids can be useful to help identify stuff, when you see the mics and their placement.. Look up the Lanois stuff with Black Dub, the Nick Cave studio stuff, the “making of [album]” stuff (the Steely Dan one is pretty good).

Finally, do be sure to consider the music itself, the arrangements. Do ya need 4 electric guitars, or will one acoustic serve better? A loud voc into a Shure dynamic, or an intimate voc into a condensor? A kick above or below the bass? Reverb or delay or none?

Bonus: don’t underestimate your gear. That M179 is actually a very usable condensor (I like ’em on toms and even OH’s sometimes, also), Bono likes to sing into Beta 58’s.

Double-secret probation bonus: FWIW, I pass-filter damn-near everything, but EQ as a last resort. I try to do it with mic placement; with my own stuff I find I sometimes do a little boost or cut on FX’d bass, brighten a lead vocal or guitar – that’s about it, other than drums, where on two-mixes I often do a shit-ton. On recent acoustic projects (the “C-19” stuff at the first link below) I have had to do a fair amount of EQ on upright acoustic bass, and sometimes on congas, that I did not record. But as an aesthetic, EQ is something I try to avoid, other than the afore-mentioned pass filters.

Pro-tip: listen to yer audience. When a kid says there’s too much distortion on the guitars, when the wife says the vocal is pitchy, when the fellow muso says the arrangement is too busy, at least try it their way. So, try and find some folks what are willing to give respectful critique, and accept it gracefully.

THDGeronimo Cowboys;
I mix with olive juice.

*Raw Power*

Iggy’s mix is best; discuss.

Re Envelope Filters

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One I think not mentioned, the Dr. Green Doctor’s Note is sometimes on my board, easy to use, great sound without that EHX fizzy throat-clearing sound. I switch it back and forth with the Aguilar Twin Filter which I like because of it’s easy adjustment.
But I also have a Bass Ballz on my board that I got from a gent here; it’s modded, re-housed and with high and low frequency adjust knobs.
FWIW and as a matter of comparison, I have a few others, TWA (better on guitar), DOD FX25’s (great, but so low), SA Manta (great but kinda digital-sounding to my ears), EBS (my next fave after the above, but subtler) …
My fave for recording (when I have the time to set it up) is the SA BEF Pro.

Movie: Close

Rooni, oh Ronni, where art my Rooni.Why, she’s bodyguarding someone somewhere, a rich brat in Morocco in this case, and doing it so very well. 3.5/5 olives.

Movie: The Foreigner

Jackie Chan movies are usually kinda like Bruce Lee combined with The Lone Ranger – good for Sunday afternoon with snacks and beer, or 2:00 AM post-tavern. But Pierce Brosnan gets more screen time here, and he is such a good actor he raises everyone’s game, including Chan’s, whose silliness is absent in the wake of Brosnan’s brooding corruptness. This is not a great movie, not particularly a good one, but Brosnan is. 2.5/5 olives.

Vlayman: *Mean Birds (a e.p.)*


1. Beauty for Ashes 03:23
2. Mean Bird 03:14
3. Broken Road 03:24
4. The Truth of It 03:34
5. The Projection Artist 03:06


released October 16, 2020

Tele, Martin, Ubass, Bongos, Vox is all my fault.
Crimes perp’d at at FetaCentralRecording DDL, Chgo., IL.

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