My Friday nite recording adventures

So, last night, at the instigation of the drummer, we again did “improv” recording. (I gotta getta better name for that, because they’re really a little more structured.)

In a exchange of emails during the week, he indicated how cool last week’s session was, and let’s do it again.

This time, while I brought my head and bottom, (and my amp and cabinet), I left the bass stuff in the truck, except my Hohner B2B j-style.  Tom had his 30 w. Peavey Classic (what a sweet amp), also, but we never plugged it in. I DI’d and I gotta say, the hi-z input on the Zoom R16 is really, really good, with this bass – I get a very convincing and inspirational grind out of it what rules for monitoring in cans, altho’ I typically re-amp or at least heavily EQ ifd I keep the trax.

I have a cheap Zoom 505 multi-FX and so I had Tom dick wiffit whilst I set up the drum mic’s, what were typical but slightly altered in that there were only 5:
E6502 on kick;
SM57 on snare;
SP C4’s in XY for OH’s (again on that imaginary snare/kick bisexting line opposite the hats)
RE320 looking across the rack toms, pointing at ye olde floor toms

The eighth track on the R16 was a SM58 for yo’s vocal styleeings.

Aiight, and since we agreed to do this as of Thursday, I got up at 8:30 AM Friday (I took the day off already) and by 10:15 I had the lyrics to 5 choons.

1 6-pack Lagunitas IPA – like, yum.

So then, wif me seated behind the recorder and Tom to me right as we faced the kit, we started on each song.  First, we either chose some chords (“Hey, Tom, what’s yer fave 3 chords?”) or used a word (one song as FAGG for the verse) or started witha bass riff inna single chord.  Then I would take a cupopla minnitz to fit the bass to the lyrics, and then we’d write the chorus and whatever bridge.  Going thru the parts we’d work out the derrangement, and also candy-shite like where to  put stops and breakdowns and one choon even opens wif just bass and vocal.

Then we’d do a practice partial-run of the parts.

Then – and half the time the other guys didn’t know – we’d be recording the take. Most were first takes, of 5 we did do two fecund takes.

The results? Mebbe I’ll post a ruff inna while as I have 58 minnitz of 8 tracks I’ve just started on, but, I think, as far as the drums go, stellar.  And that was the idear, to get drum tracks to the songs to what we will in the coming weeks overdub the guitars and the bass and the alleged singing and do all the sweetening  and mixing and masturding, etc.

We have so much stuff with Tom, now, I am gonna publish some tracks of just me and Mark (and a couple with Herr Grankenspoine) as MVx2 separately, and come up with a new project name for this aggregation.

Did I mention we’re having a blast?

Azza aside, we recorded between 6:00 and 10:30, and then sat around until 1:00 AM tellin’ war stories.  thumbsup

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Re the above

That’s Mark’s basement.

312 is a awesome beer originally made by Goose Island Breweries, recently bought by Budweiser or similar – there is now nat’l distribution so it’s available – look for a bright yeller package. “312”, BTW, is Chicago’s area code.

SPC1’s are pencil mic’s made byStudio Projects which I have fallen in love with for overheads. Short story long, UI was using vLDC (large diaphragm condensor) Audioi Tecnica AR404’s and loving ’em, and sometimes CAD M179’s (kinda MDC). Thing is, when ya do that it seems to kinda work best when the OH’s are the drum-kit sound, and the other mic’s become spot mic’s that help highlight the individual tubs.

That works great inna good room and/or with careful trial and error of placement, but if you get it wrong you tend to have issues with cymbal brightness and level, and then you have to futz with EQ, and room sound, and it can limit your choices of effect-processing (ex., reverbs).

I’ve gone the other way now, where the drumkit highlights the beat instead of the wash, such that the kick and the snare (typically a plate on the snare) are the majority of the sound, along with the tom spots, and the OH’s give the cymbals and room sound to taste on top, instead of starting with ’em.

It gives me more control, and allows for faster placement.

And how do I place ’em? In the ORTF pattern, I said, what was a lie; also, they are SP C4’s.
Actually, I had ’em in X-Y; see here.

I have also used ORTF, and like it just fine, but it’s a little tweakier, and XY is very easy.
Also cool is that you use one mic stand and put the mic’s on a mic bar, like this

except they are turned so the fronts meet at a 90 degree angle like this:

I take an imaginary line from the center of the snare thru the center of the kick and place ’em onnit, as stated above.

Last night’s jammage and recording a new writing approach

Last night I recorded my drummer OD’ing on a Granx collab (coming atcha later today, G – it’s great!) and also on a MVx2 choon I originally playt to a loop of him.

That tookt about 2 hours because of lotsa BSin’, etc., and I mebbe had me a cuppla 312’s.

We did the OD’s by me having rendered the reference track to mono, and recording the drums on 6 trax (E602 to kick, SM57 on snare, RE320 on floor toms, Perception kick mic on racks, OH’s was SP C1’s in ORTF about 5′ up and 6′ out on the kick/snare axis).

So I left the drums pluggt in and DI’d the guitarist, Tom’s Les Paul thru a blues-driver into a channel and my headless bass into a channel and we jammed straight thru for 28+ minutes with me laying down a riff, the drums catching and then the guitar, going 3-5 minutes, stopping and then me starting a new one.

It was noteworthy because we had nothing written – I just thought up a bass line, figured the tonic for emphasis, and started playing – including changes that I made very obvious by nodding at the band, and showing my hands to Tom.  I could not do what he did – he follered me with very little hesitation, and even less mistakes, he’s that good.

Mark and I have been locking well for at least a year now – it was damn-near seamless.

So we ended up with 6 tracks of drums, plus a bass and guitar track each, in a half hour of improv.

I told the guys the bass and guitar were irrelevant (if fun), that the key thing was to get the drums inna groove for looping and writing to. That said, some of the playing is worthy just because of the interaction.

Anywhat, if ya get the chance to try doing this, do try doing this.

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Vlayman’s new album: *Vlaymatic*

1. The Pro’lem 03:46
2. Boom Boom Pop 03:25
3. Live Like This (I Can’t) 03:25
4. Red Light 03:52
5. Are You Real 03:16
6. Burn You Down 04:12
7. DBtR 09:06

Vlayman sweated a lot and played everything except one summer day J-Mat played 420 drums that Vlayman recorded at Lola’s place.

released October 4, 2016

All songs by Vlayman except that one and all the noises, too, except them drums.  c.’16
bandcamp; vlayman;
THD; blog.
I mix with olive juice.

More CL fun

saw this yesterday:

There will be a fee, if it takes hold
I have access to a studio in Orland Park
Please leave contact info, I will contact ASAP

A cuppla weeks ago I answered a different post by this twat and he started to go on about a magnificent opportunity to join a band where he would start out as the guitarist and musical director but morph to being the manager and only take 20% but he had a vision, man, of what music to do and many connections to get gigs and …

I interrupted to establish he was talking about a cover band and said, “I’m not …”

He hung up.

Now, a more cruel dude would contact him about a potential bass gig paying, say, $250 a song (a believable amount guaranteed to gi’ him a boner) and then string him along for a minute before hanging up in the middle of his response …

Fun with CL “Musicians Wanted” spammers

So a tw** posted this ad, follered by our emails:
Singer/guitarist seekingHello!
I play guitar, percussion, keys, and vocals.
That’s right; I play vocals.
And I’m hoping you’ll help my YouTube cover tune get to 300 views (aka “go viral”).

If you don’t like it, there are 26 other videos on my channel. Please watch them all. And tell all your friends.

Thank you.
Spam sucks, and so do you.

Hmmm… no links. Just as I thought.
Some “real musician.”
Seems a little hypocritical, considering that spam is all your e-mail is to me.

Here’s an idea: why not send links to some of your musical work instead, so as to prove your superiority and self-proclaimed right to judge mine?

Or you could just keep on yakkin’. Because that’s all people like you do, “M.E.V.”
You didn’t ask for other’s music, speaking of hypocrisy.

You simply spammed a forum for musicians to connect.

BTW, I didn’t bother to listen to your music – I’m not interested in your spam-product.

Oh, and I’m glad you are annoyed now, just as you wasted my time and annoyed me and other real musicians-seeking-musicians, not spammers-seeking-attention.

Thanx for the laughs, genius; have fun playing with yourself.
Your “real musician” cred died as soon as you sent your first e-mail. What real musician – in a city the size of Chicago, no less – has time to comb the Craigslist ads and send e-mails in response tnd some CL ads deleted. But I honestly don’t recall one single e-mail like this, before yours. Lots of e-mails asking about my availability to play; lots of compliments from around the country. But only one purported “real musician” who takes time to rail on something that he himself admits he knows nothing about.

At least I’m doing something positive. You’re just a loser; a nobody with no music to offer, or even a name.
And you’re just a spammer, with the intellect of a childish one at that. (I figure you to be between 14 and 20, without a social life but a very encouraging mommy who is proud of her little musician, she surely is. Now, keep trying to grow that beard and lose some weight and use deodorant and maybe a girl will talk to you for more than 2 minutes, and I don’t mean your mom.)

Anyway. good luck with your music “career” and your craving for attention and your ego and your used-Kleenex habit, you total rock-star, you; I’ll not tease you anymore as it’s clear you’re too dumb to get the message, even as you admit CL has already deleted your worthless spam on multiple occasions.

Don’t look for any further response from me, either, as you are just too boring to be worth any further effort.

On the other hand, …

… nah, you’re just too boring.

carpal diem!


Craigslist ads, answered

Looking for reggae musicians to jam with (Oak Lawn)

I’ve been reading through these posts and I can tell that none are a right fit for me, if people aren’t talking about what awesome gear they have, how much experience and the like… I use to play in a band in my teens, I’ve been playing guitar since then and I’m 30 now. I’m not saying I’m amazing, or even that I’m horrible also definitely not a beginner. I do want to play though, preferably in a reggae band, no instruments but you know how to play? No problem, I have a bass and what I believe is a good and loud enough bass amp, I also have a drum set, I play guitar myself but if need be I’m willing to pick up the bass. I work a Monday through Friday job and usually have to do some things after work so my day doesn’t end until around 7pm, two jam sessions a week would be cool, I know a lot of people want to play originals, well I’ve tried that and I’ve found I have a lot more fun playing covers, besides for people that I’ve never played with before I think covers would be better to learn first as a band and then work on any original work. With that being said, I like all types of music, I know a lot of people say that but I really do, but the music I like the most is reggae. I enjoy the culture, the bands and the positive message it usually tries to put forth. So hopefully there is some like minded people out there, bands that im currently listening to are Slightly Stoopid, of course Marley, and a bunch of other bands that I honestly don’t feel like listing out, if you like reggae, good people well at least me, smoking, dabbing, and just jamming hit me up.

I can play guitar or bass but looking for
bassist if any takers
drummer is iffy, I have a friend who plays drums but not sure if he’s down to play

Oh yep, reg Cool gay


Drummer wants band

Drummer ,older looking for Eagles,Doobies ,Journey,Boston,type band, you know the good music of the 70’s not the bullshit ones.Not looking to sit in a garage and jam, or get ready for your one big block party gig.Good equipment (because I can afford it) the right attitude (because I’ve been there) Transportation ( because people always seem to ask that…Duhh I own a vehicle) try to be a professional (practice at home come prepared) and on time.If you’re a serious band,(and not a bunch of dipshits) let’s talk. Thanks

Oh yeah it would help if yer also a arrogant twat like me …



GEE, I WONDER IF THEY ARE A HIP-HOP BAND ….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Far south suburb guitarist looking for other musicians to form band.

Like the title states. I’m an experienced guitar player looking for other musicians to form a group with in the far south suburbs. The atmosphere will be laid back with no egos causing friction among others. I have a day job, and this will be to have fun and make good music, with some cash on the side for gigs we do. Also, the gigs will be paid, or we don’t do it (of course there are a “few” exceptions like a cancer benefit and such). Classic rock to modern radio hits that gets people singing along and dancing that everyone knows without the same songs every other band plays. Contact me if you’re interested

Yeah, man. I dig what the title states. The fact that you are in Peotone and that is over an hour travel and two counties south of city center super-qualifies you for “far south suburbs” – I love yer understatement. And yer so macho and  firm that we, “will be laid back with no egos causing friction among others” because, I am sure, that will be yer job, aiight. Altho’, please I know we’ll  make some shite music, too, what you will prob’ly want to. Lotsa gigs, right?  And yeah, we need big money except for the benefits we’ll do, like for “Our Guitarplayer Is a Twat Anonymous”. And I’m glad you narrowed it down to, “Classic rock to modern radio hits that gets people singing along and dancing that everyone knows without the same songs every other band plays” because I know exactly what you think I might think you don’t know what you mean. So, this is me, contacting you, like, I’m so fucking interested

Baptist Church Organist Available (Northwest Indiana)

Experienced Baptist Church Orgaqnist Available.

Church musician for many years.
Dependable, and professional,

I teach choirs, and play the Hammond Organ.
Contemporary as well as traditional, and hymns.

If your Church is in need of an organist / Min. Of Music.
please reply to this posting via email.
Please don’t ask me what’s a “Orgaqnist “, and why I’m suddenly available, and I jes’ wanna say that little boy is a liar …

carpal diem!