Vlayman: “Knot4Granx”

c. ’15 Vlayman





SP TB1-Eureka
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Vlayman: “Mercenary, Mercenary”

Mercenary, Mercenary
c. ’15 Vlayman

Body armour fits you so tight
Turn out the lights, Turn out the lights
Camoflage in the dark night
Turn out the lights

Got yer weapons and yer comms locked down
Goin’ to town, Goin’ to town
Gonna fire off a couple o’ rounds
Goin’ to town

CH:  Don’t know who’s next yer gonna bury
Yer a mercenary, mercenary
Kinda girl who’s never nothin’ but scary
Yer so mercenary, mercenary

27Mercenary 5 x

Combat boots and black eye-liner
Nothin’ finer, Nothin’ finer
Leather jacket with a black silk liner
Nothin’ finer

Packed yer weapon and yer soft perfume
Lead ’em to doom , Lead ’em to doom
Turn out the lights and you leave too soon
Lead ’em to doom

CH:  Don’t know who’s next yer gonna bury
Yer a mercenary, mercenary
Kinda girl who’s never nothin’ but scary
Yer so mercenary, mercenary

CH:  Don’t know who’s next yer gonna bury
Yer so mercenary, mercenary
Kinda girl who’s never nothin’ but scary
Yer a mercenary, mercenary

Drums: nettage
Bass: Alvz-Brick-dbx1666A_MMhd130(soak)-RE320-PM1000-dbx166A
RthmGtrs: WildKat(VariousDano-SwolePkl-CormedBeef)-ProJr-E609-ISA1(pad)-Sym522
LdGtr: RedFrndz(HashBrown-SwolePkl-CormedBeef)-ProJr-E609-ISA1(pad)-Sym522
Voc: SP TB1-Eureka
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As postered at TOMB and now compiled here:
The Blue Oyster Cult, Tyranny and Mutation: how they played this stuff so in ’73 is beyond me, as well as why the first two records weren’t huge hits. Buck Dharma rules! I did have to tell a buddy who whined about the relatively quiet bottom end level, turn it UP.

Patterson Hood, Heat Lightening Rumbles in the Distance: this guy is an absolute treasure, this album a complete gem.

The Joy Formidable, Wolf’s Law: I really want to really like it, but it’s just OK, with that fucking basketball drum sound like Bush’s and that whiny Pumpkins-clone band’s latest.

Low, the invisible wrong: gets me high.

Mudhoney, Mudhoney: a work of grunge genius, what is not a oxymoron, dude.

Isidore, Life Somewhere Else: where Kilbey takes us to church, with a different congregation.

MBV, Isn’t Anything: I’m still listening to the original mixes these many years later, still trying to figure out why this stuff works, if what’s-name is a genius, and if I like it. I’ll have to listen again.

Danzig, Danzig II-Lucifuge: R. Rubin, B. O’Brien and J. Scott make this sound great, and the band, like on the first record, has silly songs, silly names and a bad enuff ‘tude to make it rock. Whatever happened to J. Christ?

Lou Reed, Animal Serenade: sheer misanthropic poetry, done with very little percussion, and F. Saunders as MVP.

Johnny Marr, The Messenger: I so want to like this, and don’t – over-produced and generic despite the very occasional flashes of genius.

Latest Bowie and Cave; I prefer the latter, so far.

Bowie’s latest is really growing on me.

Shooter Jennings, Black Ribbons: Wow! I’ve heard it once, I’ve gotta think about it, but it’s interesting as hell, some cool songs, lotsa weirdness with a political message.

Richard Thompson’s latest: Excellent, of course.

Echo & The Bunnymen, The Fountain: their last from a couple years ago, quite good inna mellow kinda way.

The National’s latest: love it.

Luna, lunapark: hadn’t heard this inna cuppla years, it’s aged surprisingly well, and such a cool band – I miss ’em.

The Cult, Choice of Weapon: it’s The Cult, like ’em or not – I do, about the only “current metal” band I listen to.

Miles Davis, Round Midnight: remastered, so tasty.

PJ Harvey, Rid of Me: loud and funny, intense and noisy, also interesting as hell.


Lucinda Williams – excellent guitar work and songs;
Thurston Moore – SY all the way-sounding;
Mark Lanegan – loverly dark pop;
Robert Plant – world-musicish, great sounds and performances;
Roco DeLucca – bought it for the Tchad Blake production, what is awesome, don’t care for the songs or singer;
U2 – how can this band be so under-rated? Only by being so omnipresent and annoying – it really is an excellent record.

Buncha live stuff offa NYCTaper, and Steve Wynn’s Northern Aggression, Jason Isbell’s Southeaster, Bob Mould’s eponymous, and latest Bryan Ferry, all of what I like (lotsa Marr on the latter – lotsa guitars).

Been really digging the latest My Bloody Valentine, especially cranked in the monitors – the production arrangements (by what I mean how he uses the delays and compressors and verbs and other FX and mutes and such) are excellent.

And completely different (but mebbe not so much), T-Ride’s eponymous release.

Finally, Mould’s Silver Age – he really is quite the creative writer and arranger with what is essentially a three piece with overdubbed guitar.
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The Hungry Drunx: “Smooth (Keep it)”

Smooth (Keep it)
c. ’15 The Hungry Drunx

All the little girls, tryna impress each other
The way they dress, they snuck out on they mothers
And the boys got the toys revvin’ at the line
They’re lookin’ fine, lookin’ fine

All they really had try to do
Is keep it smooth
Keep it smooth

I remember, walkin’ with you in the dark
We spent some time under the willow tree in the park
And if I really tightly close my eyes
I can see, baby mine, those starry skies

All we really had to do
Was keep it smooth
Keep it smooth

That was a summer, summer slowly changed to fall
But we had it all, we had it all
And if I could I’d live that time again
if you could, would you, my friend?

All we really had to do
Was keep it smooth
Keep it smooth
All we really had to do
Was keep it smooth
Enjoy our youth

All the little men, tryna impress each other
All they want’s, a girl just like their mothers
And the girls want more than just a good time
And they’re lookin’ fine, lookin’ fine

All they really had to do
Was keep it smooth
Keep it smooth
All they really had to do
Was keep it smooth
Enjoy their youth
All they really had to do
Was keep it smooth
Keep it smooth
AAll they really had to do
Was enjoy their youth
Keep it smooth

Drums: Snarl
Vox: Apex-ISA1-RN LA
RthmGtrs: HnrHdless(BarberDD-ShortTimer-DigiVreverb)-ProJr-E609-1589B(pad)
LdGtr: RedFrnds(FulltoneDpro-ShortTimer-DigiVreverb)-ProJr-E609-1589B(pad)-MXL860-UA710(pad)MS
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Vlayman: “Daedelus”

c. ’15 Vlayman

My name is Daedelus,
and I used to invent things
I was just tryna make it better for us,
when I made them wings

I didn’t see what I was doing then
I couldn’t see what I was doin’
I didn’t see what I was doing then
I didn’t see
I couldn’t see

My son was Icarus
and he loved to have his fun
but now he’s, he’s dead to us
he flew too near the sun

When you talk of the arrogance of man on Earth
we walk above the worms and such, we start at birth
We don’t see how we’re fuckin’ up

Drums: DonnS
Bass: HnrJazz-PM1000-dbx160XT
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The Hungry Drunx: “That Mogadishu Music”

That Mogadishu Music
c. ’15 The Hungry Drunx

Hey yeah, it’s got a beat you can groove to
Oh yep, a rhythm you gotta move to
Or away, if ya wanna survive today
That Moga-dishu music

A-rat-a-tat-a-tat, says the Armalite
It’s a chorus sound goes on all night
Don’t even end when comes the sunrise
That Mogadishu music

And who gets the hit, you don’t mebbe know
Who’s in the shit, takes the bullet blows
No end of it, another encore flows
That Moga-dishu music

Hell yeah, it’s a rhythm you gotta move to
Oh yep, got a beat you gotta groove to
Dance away, you may not survive today
That Moga-dishu music

Drums: SNARL
Basses: HnrJazz-Brick-2160XT
Vox: AT3036-VC1Q(pad)
LLdGtr: Paul-TT-EVnd-ISA1
RtLdGtr: G&Lf100(DOD250)-ProJr-E609-UA110
RthmGtrs: G&Lf100(DanoRockyRd-DOD250)-ProJr-E609-UA110(pad)_MXL860-UA710(pad)MS
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Vlayman does shogaze: “Glory (I felt)”

Glory (I felt)
c. ’15 Vlayman
Seen me a star burst, seen it explode
why it was does that, I still don’ know
Baby have gone nova, face all black and red
Baby cain’t mebbe come back, ‘sploded her head

In the ways she used to move me
I felt Glory

Superposition collapse, two places or more right now
Ever lastin’ question, art of the greater cloud
I’m diein’ slow here, locked in this box
Shrodinger never knowed me, Shrodinger couldn’t stop
In the ways she us ed to move me q
I felt Glory
In the ways she used to move me
I felt Glory
Every kisss a paradox, not just upside down
Subatomic lover-girl, I’ll see you back around

In the ways she used to move me
I felt Glory

DRums: nettage
Bass: HnrJazz-Brick-160XT
Gts: G&Lf100(MXR78-AxleGrease-HolyG)-ProJr-E609-UA110(pad)_-MXL860(durham)-UA710(pad)MS
Vox: D5-VC1Q(pad)
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