New Vlayman E.P.: *Oh, Yep*

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1. She’Nyah (Super Kid) 04:59
2. Oh, Yep! 03:35
3. Scratchin’ at My Door 03:41
4. I Need Work 03:49
5. Where the Heavy Breaks 03:56

This here is heartfelt. This here is the sound guitars
make when they feed pedals destroying amps.
This is the sound of a new (to me) bass and some
really old pre-amps and compressors, tubes and strings.

This here is noisy. I pro’ly ain’t made that clear so,
I’ll say it this way: This here is NOIZY.
So, please, set it to play loud, and then turn it up some, aiight.

Finally, poopie language warning: kids, don’t let yer moms hear this.

released July 24, 2018

All noises by Vlayman and his toys except the drummage, what was nettage (edited).
All songs by Vlayman except lyrics co-writ with L. Bradley Schwartz on
“She’Nyah (Super Kid)”.

Writ, derranged, playt, recurded, mixt, masturd at FetaCentralRecording DDL, July 4-23, 2018.

Fartwerk by Jose Jones.

c. 2018, all rights reserved, all rites observed.

I mix with olive juice.

Drake “vs.” the Beatles

It’s not about race or gender, except that Drake’s music is most popular with a particular audience that is definable thereby.

And I think that a comparison to Sinatra or even Elvis, rather than the Beatles, would be more apropos.

Finally, the Beatles were R&B, and pop and psych and rock, and a band, and they played instruments.

Drake is pop/hip-hop, and he’s mainly a vocalist.

Re my bass heads

I posted at talkbass:

I’m always on the cheap end of things as far as I can be. I have two main bass amps that I typically play into a Bag End ported 1×12″ with a 300w. JBL:

1. 70’s Musicman HD130. This is a Leo design that’s much like a Twin with a solid state pre. (As a guitar amp into a 2×12″ Celestions openback I think it sounds as good as any Twin I’ve ever heard, and better than many.) Mine is the version with the tube inverter and 4 x 6L6GC. The secret to this amp is to run it flat out on the master, with the gain controlling the volume. Or use pedals. It has a really “thick” sound, and I find it’s really big in the lower mids. It’s also pretty (blond Tolex) and pretty heavy, a little bigger than a Bassman head.

2. Ampeg PF500. Class D with a serviceable compressor and very flexible active-type EQ, it can sound like an Ampeg, or not – mebbe more Fenderish. I don’t think it sounds like a tube amp without pedals as it’s faster, a little more hi-fi and barely grinds. But put a nice pedal in front, and away you go. It’s very light, and fits in a large pistol case.

FWIW, I do feel the biggest difference between them is feel; again, the PF is quick and responsive, the HD is slower and somehow woolier/thicker; I find myself using a heavier touch with the HD. Finally, with pedals I can get the PF close to the HD, but not the reverse.