Vlayman w Mattera: “Burn You Down”

Vlayman w Matteras: “Dandelion”

c. ’16 Lyrics: J. Mattera; Music: Vlayman

Dandelion, she comes to me
Dandelion, she sets me free
Dandelion, won’t let me be
Oh, Dandelion, she loves me more than me

Dandelion, she gets on top
Dandelion, she won’t stop
Dandelion, proud and true
Dandelion, she’s not for you

Springtime baby, she grows free
Springtime baby,just wait and see
Oh, Dandelion, she loves me more than me
Oh, Dandelion, she loves me more than me

Oh, Dandelion,
Dandelion, , she loves me more than me

Drums: J.Mattera, H2 @ Lola’sDen
Bass: Alvz-Brick-160XT_VC3Q
Gtrs: Tele-PJ-SuprLx-UA110
Vox: CADglx-Eureka-1176
Perc: J. Mattera MXL860-PM1000(pad)
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My Musical Week

So, Tuesday I jammed on guitar with a band that a old highschool friend (Dave) plays pretty good bass in. ¬†They had a good drummer (forgot his name), and the decent singer/guitarist (Roger) is a good writer, also. They didn’t immediately invite me to join, don’t know if they will, not sure I want to for various reasons, but I had fun.

Wednesday I had a second jam (mostly bass and some guitar) with a drummer (Joe) I met offa Craigslist. Nice guy, good drummer, had a triple bypass a year ago and so his stamina is about 20 minutes, but he’s good for jamming and recording with, and, like I said, a nice guy.

Thursday I got to gether with the Bustouts’ excellent former drummer (Mark the cop) and a good new bassist (Bob); I sing and play guitar. We are calling ourselves a band, mebbe, “The Strangers” (thanx, jr!), but are really more of a recording project at this point.

Yesterday I mixed down and did some recording on a cuppla tracks I recorded last Sunday with Joe, as I did on Monday, and reworked my pedal board and soldered some cables.

This morning I did some lead guitar work onna rap track a friend of mine is Svengali’ing – he texted me he “loves” it.

This afternoon Joe came over and we did some percussion and vocals on our two tracks, what I will post soon.

Just sezzin’ …

Music-related biographies, etc.

In the last few months I read Billy Joe Shaver’s, what was good, fairly informative of his history altho’ not very insightful or in-depth. 2 outta 5 olives.

I read BoB Mould’s, what was excellent writing and very interesting but may disturb anyone who is not gay-friendly or at least open-minded about alternative life-styles. That said, it was very cool to learn his creative process, and the influence of his life on his art. 4 outta 5 olives.

Currently 1/3 through a biography of Al Jourgensen, and enjoying that, also.
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I mix with olive juice.