New Vlayman album: *Alike*


1. Story Book 03:34
2. Day for Night 03:24
3. Your Incivility w Mark C. 03:51
4. It’ll Keep 03:22
5. Competent 03:19
6. Devil’s Breath 04:05
7. 8 Tracks & Six Packs 04:39
8. Alike 04:59
9. The Show 03:20
10. Like I Care 04:18

More shite, alike to the rest of the shite …

released March 26, 2018

Drums: nettage
Rhythm Guitar on #3: Mark C.
The rest of the noize: Yo

Writ, Recorded, Derranged, Mixt, Masturded at FetaCentral DDL sorta kinda around Chi-town.

Fartwerk By Jose Jones, using a photo from Brent Smth (thanx!)

Re defective mic stands

At TOMB, I posted:

I use cheap stands.

Sometimes, for safety, I’ve been known to tie the mic and mount to the stand with a kerchief.

It won’t necessarily help if the whole thing falls over, or even if just the arm falls, but it might.

I’ve been known to gaffer-tape the arm-linkage, also. And consider adding new washers to that, if possible. Hose-gaskets can help in an emergency.

If the whole thing is tipping – you probably know this but in case you forgot – wight-lifting plates or sandbags and the like can be put on the base.

In fact, in some cases you can counter-weight the arm.

I know that doesn’t address the K&M Stands issue itself, but rather I intend that might help you make up for what you actually have to deal with at this point.

I mix with olive juice.

Talkin’ ’bout cans

At TOMB, I postered:

I’m a shout out the Sony 7506’s for the follering reasons:

1. good isolation
2. they are something of a standard;
3. pretty sturdy, and repairable;
4. they break in nicely;
5. good isolation;
6. comfortable enough;
7. they are black;
8. simple padded middle piece;
9. good isolation;
10. once the latex wears off (messy), the cheek pads are again excellent;
11. under US$100, new, if you shop for ’em;
12. good isolation
13. the somewhat hype-d bass is actually helpful to check mixes, excite performances, etc.
14. good isolation

I mix with olive juice.

New Vlayman E.P: *I Have Idears*


1. Gaslight 03:50
2. Idears (I Have) 04:06
3. Your Favors (Lend Your) 05:01
4. A Reckoning 03:43

I mix with olive juice.

Re the *Turn Me Over* cover

In response to a question about copyright that noted that the line-drawing section was based upon a randomly downloaded sketch, I responded at the LO forum:

“Inspired by” often seems the maker’s plea for mercy; it does little if anything to defend against a claim of copyright violation. Should such a claim arise, then the maker needs to defend on the basis of “de minimus use” or “fair use”, if technical defenses aren’t available.

Re “humerous”, in American law, the operative, buzzword, phrase is, “parody”.

Parodies are protected speech under our 1st Amendment, and they are give wide latitude. That’s why Alec Baldwin can impersonate Trump, and arguably why Andy Warhol could do his soup cans. It’s also an argument that has been used when porn movies are based on legitimate productions, ex., Flesh Gordon.

(Not that Cambell’s objected …)

As per our prior conversation re the Turn Me Over cover, then, I would argue only about 5% of the original work was used and is not readily identifiable as same (alteration – perhaps such as you did, you co-conspirator/participant, you – can bolster this defense) and further that there was no copyright claimed (traditionally the “©” or ” ‘c. year” is used.)

I could even extend the “parody” argument in that “turn me over” relates a to a lesbian concept, also known as, “flipping”, basically referring to a roll reversal where the more “masculine” penetrating partner is herself (and often over strenuous objection) penetrated.

That, besides the obvious visual pun that the most immediate sex act would be the arguably less traditional.