Vlayman: “Let You Be”

Let You Be
c. ’14 Vlayman

Well, I
can’t be held responsible
for every you do
Well, I hate the reprehensible
At which you are so good

That’s how ya wanna live yer life
It’s aiight with me
I’ll let you be

Well, I
Never knew ya that well
at all
Well, I
Could never sell what you got at all

Well, I
Can’t see my way to approvin’
what you do
Well, I
Can’t be no kinda groovin’
so fuck you

Drums: nettage
Bass: IbanezAcBass-Brick-dbx160XT
RtmGtrs: HamerAlum(H-Grail)RickM8E-SB23L-ISA1
Vox: SP TB1-ISA1-1176
LapSteel: LapLizard-ProJr-SB23L-ISA1
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Vlayman: “Care”

c. 14 Vlayman

Can’t say I’m too happy to be hearing your still there
Sleeping until noon and never washing yer long hair
Drinkin’ without eating never changing what you wear
What I hear ain’t too much at all

Yeah, they said they seen you hangin’ out by the pool
Drinking and a babblin’ just actin’ the fool
Your t-shirt torn but yer still lookin’ cool
When I hear about you at all

It ain’t the money and it ain’t the history
It ain’t yer famous name what makes you a mystery
It’s the fact that you ain’t care at all

I hear your car’s been hit but you ain’t even moved it
Your nails are all bit and you really need to cool it
Yer daddy’s gonna come by and stop this all shit
& I ain’t to blame but he just don’t get it at all

And I can’t say I’m  happy to hear that your still there
Sleeping until noon like you never hadda care
Barely walkin’ and talkin’ with yer 50 yard stare
Like you ain’t alive at all

Drums: nettage
Gtrs: Epi-Trdmrk10-SB23L-ISA1
Bass: Alvz-Brick-dbx160XT;
Vox: MXL Genesis-ISA1-RNC

Vlayman: “Skull”

c. ’14 Vlayman

Yer like a disease, my own private cancer
And honey if ya please ya can be my private dancer
Get down on yer knees, and move a lille faster
Don’t even dream about what ya wish would come after

You are the best, I’ll tell ya every time
Don’t make a mess, just be sure to turn on my every dime
It’s a kinda quest, to see how far we can blur the line
Now don’t be a pest, yers is yers and yers is mine

You coulda stayed, you know, you didn’t have to leave me
I would payed to go, because that place was heaving
And in yer grave you know, you’ll still be easy
After your layed down low, mebbe I’ll start grieving

It’s never dull, it’s never dull
It’s never du-ull
when I’m outta my skull

Drums: nettage
Gtrs: Epi-Trdmrk10-SB23L-ISA1(pad)
Bass: Alvz-Brick-dbx160XT;
Vox: Luna-Eureka-RNLA

Vlayman: “Walkin’ My Gun”

Walkin’ My Gun
c. ’14 Vlayman

Well I was hired on this here land to
do what I was told by the man
But he was wrong, it was plain to see
And so long as I’m me, well
I gotta do what I gotta do
And I gotta shoot who I gotta shoot
I gotta keep what is mine
And sometimes that just means my pride

CH: I been walkin’ my gun
takin’ it for a ride
Just walkin’ my gun
To the other side

Now these fine folks, right over here
You an see ’em all and how they fear
what they think is sure to come
But none of ’em broke and none of ’em run
Nnone of ’em cried in anticipatin’ pain
None of ’em have reason to be ashamed
No, not one, son, they’re tuff sons of guns,
No, son, none

CH: That’s why I been walkin’ my gun
takin’ it for a ride
Just walkin’ my gun
To the other side
Now I’m walkin’ my gun
takin’ it for some excercise
Just walkin’ my gun
Over to their side

I prob’ly ain’t s’posed to act this way
Right or wrong ain’t for me to say
And after all, I been paid
But I’ll tell ya son, this ain’t my way, so

CH: I been walkin’ my gun
takin’ it for a ride
Just walkin’ my gun
To the other side
Now I’m walkin’ my gun
takin’ it for some excercise
Just walkin’ my gun
Over to the other side
Yeah, I been walkin’ my gun
takin’ it for a ride
Just walkin’ my gun
To your side

Drums: nettage
Bass: HnrHdlsJazz-Brick-dbx160XT
Vox: Trion-Eureka100_Pad
RthmGtrs: G&Lf100E(AxlGreez)_Marshall-SB23L-Eureka
LdGtr: G&Lf100E(AxlGreez-MXR78)_Marshall-SB23L-Eureka

RIP Tom Erdelyi

a/k/aTommy Ramone.

I saw them only one time, couldn’t say if Tommy was the drummer as it was about early ’79 or late ’78.

I drank a lotta beer, recall it was a fun and loud show.

For a while I wrote for a college newspaper; I reviewed End of the Century and Pleasant Dreams, and gave ’em both good marks.

And now, all the original members is dead.  Sad

How to start recording

Posted this at TOMB in answer to a 16 y.o.’s question:


There’ll be as many opinions as posters here, but FWIW, and it’s just mine, I’ll reco to you what I have to local friends.

Cassette recorders are cool and all & I’ve had and still have my share but they are lo-fi and now old and prone to breaking down, and tapes are not super easy to get. There are ways to re-create that lo-fi sound when using newer, digital recorders, with a little research, if that’s really what you want.

Me, I reco a inexpensive digital recorder. If it’s just one-take demo’s, I reco you get something like the Zoom H2, but since you seem to want to multi-track, I’d look for a SD card-based system.

FWIW, I use a Zoom R16 frequently to record drums (load into computer and overdub the rest), and it’s sturdy, easy, and sounds good, can be had for under US$250 used, has phantom power and effects, including compressors and EQ in the digital realm. I believe there are 4-track and 8-track and 16-track versions from various manufacturers, some that can be found even cheaper. They all seem to interface with computers through USB as well as the data cards; that is good because you can dump or mix your tracks and edit, etc. with cheap or even free software (the Zoom R16 comes with Cakewalk LE, I believe), which increases your options and odds of getting good-sounding results, and allows you to burn CD’s (for your parents and other dinosaurs) and post on-line, etc., and you even needn’t necessarily buy a soundcard.

Mic-wise, I reco the Shure 58 – pop the ball off and it sounds quite close to a ’57, and those are bog-standard mic’s, which makes ’em a good learning tool. But there’s usually usable and cheaper mic’s around – I started using Digital Reference 57 clones on overheads and was happy for a while. After that, while you might get longer term good use out of another 57-type, there’s nothing wrong and a lot good with learning about condensors, and there are tons of cheap ones out there that are certainly usable, from MXL, CAD, MCA, etc. I strongly reco you buy used – just pay attention to buyer info if you are on Ebay. (98% or lower, don’t risk it, do research prices, pay attention to condition and returns policy, etc.)

Two more tips to get ya started:

1. do try and do some sound treatment, even if that means using pillows and couches and closets and bookshelves and blankets – there’s lots of info on line on the hows/whys but the bottom line is you’ll maximize your results;

2. do try and use as many mix-monitoring approaches as possible, not just headphones – compare the home stereo, bookshelf stereo, car stereo, I-pod, etc.

Welcome to the world of my favorite waste of effort and time and money! Twisted Evil

Vlayman: “Mexico (Leave)”

Mexico (Leave)
c. ’14 Vlayman
Down in the Valley, kinda close to Mexico
I often hadda rally, just to get up and go, and
Back in Mexico it always felt like time to go

It was always kinda weird, when I got down there
and there was lizards in her hair, lizards in her hair and
I think she liked ’em there

Well, down in the Valley, kinda close to Mexico
They growed lotsa sand and a little bit of aloe
And back in Mexico it always felt like time to go

Felt like time to go 7x
Leave Mexico


It was always awful hot, when I got down there
and there was guns in they pockets and lizards in her hair and
I think she liked ’em there

Felt like time to go

Drums: nettage
Bass: Alvz(RatAttack)-VC3q
Voc: Sputnik-Summit(100)-1176(100)Pad
Gtr: G&Lf100E-Trdnrk10-Sputnik(100)-Pad-1176(100)