Vlayman: *The 30 Cent Cure*


1. DemoRepub 03:18
2. Hippie Dip w JimC 03:49
3. The Way of It w Silversmith 03:34
4. Remember You 04:06
5. The 30 Cent Cure 04:31
6. Doncha Walk Out 04:36
7. Nuthin’ Better to Do 03:33
8. The Bottom 04:00
9. 30 Covers, My Arse (instrumental) 04:30
10. All of Yer Daughters w Silversmith 04:11

Well da blooze thang fell apart, the psychobilly boys never called back, and here I is, still writin’, playin’, recordin’.

released May 17, 2019

All yo except as credited (JimC and Silversmith play drums as listed).
Writ, playt, recurded, mixt, masturd, sequenced at FetaCentralRecording DDL, souf of Chi.
Fartwerk by Jose Jones.
Dedicated to the one-eyed glove

A CD review

South Of Reality ★★★★★   from Michael V. on May 11, 2019
An intentional left turn
Not a left turn for these guys themselves – you

can hear their prior work and even influences.

But a left turn for current music, for sure.

Do try it in cans, and quiet, and loud.

CD reviews

Change Is Gonna Come Sessions ★★★★★   from Michael V. on May 11, 2019
Bettye rules, great playing, but the drums?
… doesn’t lower the 5 star but what’s up with

the snare? Bad compressor setting or a delay?

Almost sounds like intentional double hits on

bongos, but …

3 CD reviews

Sunshine Rock ★★★★   from Michael V. on May 11, 2019
Not in his best light
I so love the last 4-5, and this one doesn’t quite reach their

level.The writing is good as are the performances,

but the arrangements don’t stand out and the production 

is so uniform the album just kinda seems as one piece.

mebbe I need to hear it another 5 times …

Hysteria [30th Anniversary Edition] ★★★★★   from Michael V. on May 11, 2019
Kinda Funny in ’19
But a classic both in the culture (aiight, so I miss my MTV)

and in the production. You a studio guy? Put it up on the

m-m-monitors, laugh at the cheez, marvel at the sounds.

Drunk ★★★   from Michael V. on May 11, 2019
Just not m’ thang, I reckon
Great musicianship, but the writing, arrangement,

production is annoying. And yep, I play some bass, etc.

Checkin’ some boards

Current bass board


Aiight, I’m strange, but I like cotton.

Above is Hanes 50-50, 75-25 and 100% cotton, all warshed about the same # of times.

Gimme the 100%, ever time, thanx.