MVx2: *(first)*

1. The Worker Bee 03:20k
2. Casket For My Friend 04:33
3. There Are Them w Grankspoine 03:45
4. All the Drugs 03:29
5. The Void (The Call of) 03:42
6. Hate You (That Don’t Mean That I) 04:11
7. Freeze 04:34
8. Have a Nice Day 03:08
9. Nickle (My Lucky) 03:51
10. Our Streets 03:21
11. Noisy Gidget 02:26

Seasoned musicians, Emvezina and Vlayman are located in the Chi-town area, making noise for themselves and the neighbors and now, you.

released July 28, 2016

Emvezina: tubs and clankers;
Vlayman: all the other shite; except,
Grankspoine: keys, horns & guitars on #3
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Easy amp tweaks & mods

OK, what have you done – easy-like – to tweak and/or mod yer recording amps?

My fave thing is putting a 12AU7 at V1 in my Tiny Terror. No more fizz, a touch less volume, much less gain. And when I need more more, I slam it with pedals.

12AT7 in the Pro, Jr., same-same.

I also like Weber speakers (in my M8E), and those silicon anti-vibrate tube rings, velcro straps on the channel/reverb switch pedals and power cords, and the occasional switchable small cooling fans in the big amps, white-out pens to mark settings and knobs.

Powersoak on the HD130 lets me get powertube grind when playing bass.

Finally, sheer window curtains make nice dust-covers for amps in the bedio.
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I mix with olive juice

GNR in Chi, ’89

Anyone knows me heard my stories about meeting Slash at the Batman movie, and Metro, and the girl I was with, etc.  Here’s a article about that summer of ’89.:

Guns N’ Roses In Chicago: Their Wild, Drunken, Lost Summer on Clark Street


Thurs, Sat, Mon jammage, and choons

… were my jam daze.

On Thursday was me and the new drummer, Joey M.,  just workin’ on new drum feels for a cuppla demos what I shall soon record him on, about 4 hours.

On Sat he callt to say his guitar friend from 40 miles away was comiung by – did I wanna jam?  We did, and it were OK. I mighta mentioned, he’ss a guy what know his 30 or so songs he’s played since the 70’s, and canna improv, about 5 hours.

I taught him some bass and wanked onna few and that were the fave part for yo.

Last night was the reg’lar band, currently callt, “Lace Dooshes”.

Much better, but the bassist were tired from work so it was only 2 hours. Interesting conversation – bassist claims to love my choons, wants to gig ’em. Asked me, do I wanna sing or play because I do both well, but better when I concentrate on 1 thing. No matter, the drummer and I again ‘splained we is a recording project – any gigs will be by accident.

Martini  <— shroom-toonie (3 picklet ‘shrooms, 1.5 oz. Seagrams Extra Dry, 1 tsp. ‘shroom jooce, 3 cubes.)

BTW, anybody notice I’ve not been posterin’ as many choons?

I have 13 in the can from Lace Dooshes drum edits, and now 6 with Joey M., but I’m tryna be mo’ circumspect and dickscernin’ about when they is ready – if ever – for publication.

carpal diem!


Best rock albums of the 21st Century?

Asked that at TOMB, and staying with major-label releases, I said:

I’m not a 16 year old girl altho’ I might play one in …

…eh, …

… well, for me, not a 16 year old girl but a 56 year old young man, the record that first came to mind as something new that I could get behind would be The National’s High Violet, in that it kind of sets up a new genre, altho’ they may be about the only ones innit, of dad-rock. Altho’ Trouble Will Find Me is arguably even better …

I also think that, somehow, a Foo Fighter’s disc should be nominatable, altho’ I don’t really think any given album from them is that good.

So, as a alternate, mebbe Songs for the Deaf by QOTSA, altho’ Them Crooked Vultures is just as good, and …Like Clockwork, also.

Shoutouts to:
Lanegan: Blues Funeral and Bubblegum;
Richard Thompson: Old Kit Bag and Electric
Ryan Adams: Ryan Adams and Gold
Gov’t Mule: Shout and Sco-Mule
Steve Wynn: Crossing Dragon Bridge and … Tick … Tick …Tock
Grinderman: both records
Dinosaur Jr.: Beyond
Buddy Guy: Sweet Tea (blues-rock?)
NIN: The Fragile
Bowie: the last two
Frank Black: Frank Black and the Catholics, Pistolero, Bluefinger
Steve Earle: The Revolution Starts Now
Wilco: Kicking Televisions, Star Wars, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Nick Cave: Push Away the Sky
REM: Accelerate
Jack White: his two
I also dig the Dead Weather records, all 3
Sonic Youth: Rather Ripped, Sonic Nurse, The Eternal
Bob Mould: District Line, Life and Times, Silver Age
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers: Mojo
Black Dub
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Of Chicago in 1993, grunge, Albini, etc.

I was there as a musician (played every club mentioned and more) and fan and in my job, knew/know many of these people on a first name or just “Hello” basis and had drinks with more than a few, was in business with one of the bands pictured, can personally vouch for a few of the stories.

I don’t know the author, but he was well-known and his opinions as notorious as he says.

His facts are accurate, in the stories that I know.

Besides alla that, it’s actually a hella read, if very opinionated:
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I mix with olive juice.

A little hx

In response to a inquiry about a recent drum session from a Scot:

Here’s my mix position; immediately under the ADA logo and next to the top of the bottom monitor (Tannoy 6.5II) is the breakout box for the M-Audio Delta 44 I use an interface to Cool Edit.

Those are some Rat Shack/Optimus speakers in white, on top of Auratones.

The rack from top is:

2 TS patchbays (the tiny little box on top right by the yellow cable is an STP-1 Attenuator I use to pad pre-amps and compressors to get them to distort)

Power strip

DOD 822 (compressor, prob’ly manufactured by dbx, and sound like it)

dbx166A (compressor)

dbx160XT (compressor)

Gyraf 1176 clone (compressor)

Twin RNLA’s in Funk Logic rack mount (compressors)

ART VLA2 (compressor)

ADA Micro-cab (OK analog speaker emulator)

M–Udo Breakout box

Meek C2 (compressor), FM RNC (compressor)

Summot 2BA22(pre), Meek VC3Q (channel strip)

Meek MC2 ((compressor), VTB1 (ore)

Eureka (channel strip)

ART TSP (twin pre)

Symmetrix 522 (compressor)

Meek VC1Q (channel strip)

Altec 1589b (pre)

Power strip

Hafler T2 (rack guitar pre, not shown)

Inline image

I also have an ISA1 (pre) UA710 (pre), UA110 (pre), The Brick (pre)and an MP105 (pre) what are under the shelf under the right-side monitors.


Some guitars (new TV !!! I bought last week in backround):

Inline image


Amps frome the mix position:

Left stack: HD130 atop a Marlboro iuse as the cab, pedal board hanging in front

Tiny Terror atom jet City 1×12″ convertible cab

Tech21 Trademark 10 (awesome 10w.  S/S amp based on Sansamp)

Vox Pathfinder (awesome 10w.  S/S amp with incredible tremolololo behind chair)

Peavey Transtube   (OK S/S 20w.? that does decent metal sounds, nice reverb)

Right stack:

Pro, Jr. (a fave)

Ampeg VT60 (rare Mesa clone – bought last fall, and it’s very versatile bit heavy, 60w., 3 channels, 7 tubes)

Marshall Silver Jubilee

Hot Rod Deluxe

Atop the deluxe is a Magnus chord organ I just bought – used to have one and they are great for quick keys and sound pretty unique.

Inline image


This is the live recording postion, Zoom R16 and M-Audio monitors (the other speakers are just for height):
Inline image
Below is the kit and drummer; the red circles indicate some of the mic’s:
Inline image

I also started onna Porta 1(!)  In about ’88. By ’90 I did demos for a few bands that used them to book some decent clubs.
I then went to a Tascam 238 with an Alesis 1622 board for a few years (’93-’98-ish).
Then the Boss BR8 in ’99, what I bought the day my now-ex left me – HA!.
I started to use Cool Edit about ’01 to mix those tracks.
Bought a few sound cards (Soundblaster then M-Audio Dio) and then the Delta 44 about mebbe ’03.
I have Cakewalk, and Reaper, and Audacity,  and Wavesauras, and I’ve used ProToolsLE and about 3 other programs but I know and still love and so use Cool Edit, which I have onna 7 year-old custom XP Pro 2x P4-3000GHz SATA.

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