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Asked re a new mic either as a 1st vocal condensor or as similar to a SM57, I posted at TOMB:

The AKG C414 UL B is said to be a good mic, but at $700 it may be more than you need to spend – BTW, ” To be 300 under a quoted price, after being discontinued seems rare” – hmm, not so much, mebbe.

If you really want a decent condensor for vocals, there are tons available at US$300 and even well under that price; I usually reco the AT4040 or the KSM27 for nuetralish, or even a CAD GLX3000. For an “older” type sound, I think something like an M-Audio Luna or Solaris, or the tube Sputnik. There are many tube mic’s, of course, but I’ve been very happy with the MXL M69ME that you can find used; I usually reco that as the easiest to find, most flexible inexpensive tube mic that “sounds tube-ish”, and I reco that means it could fit yer requirement for “old tone”.

Dynamics – again, there are many. Usual reco’s include the Sennheiser MD 421 (orig. or II) or really, just about any Senn MD mic; the 500 series handhelds I’ve used are all cool. The EV RE20 (I like the transformerless 320) or somewhat similar to what you already have but generally considered superior, the Shure SM7b.

I have never met an EV mic, other than broken ones, that I don’t like, and some of the handheld N/D’s sound great on vocals, even the 267, and all of the RE’s I have used have been very cool and kinda “old tone”.

I have only really used the Audix OM2, but like that, as well as the AKG D5. Those and the above EV’s are not totally dis-similar to the 57.

Also, XXX mentions the CAD M179 condensor and it is very nice and very flexible, and I have even seen it compared to the 414; it’s a great mic not even considering it’s awesome price. There is a cardoid-only version called the 177 that might be cheaper, yet. Altho’ I would mebbe feel weird calling any mic, “cute”… Twisted Evil

Re compressors

I poste at TOMB:

The slutz seem to prefer the WA, for what it’s worth.

I bought a 1176 Gyraf clone offa someone here – it’s awesome, tho’ ya gotta build one, at about the same cost as the Warm.

The Purple is quite a bit more $.

Not at all the same, but somewhat similar in being colored (tube make-up stage), is the VLA2. I like it sometimes, but find it noisy sometimes …

I also like the RNLA. I like it a lot on vox, and guitars, especially.

Simple compressor-color wise, a dbx 160 or 166 can be great, typically on bass and vox for me, altho’ the 166 can be excellent on stereo stuff like keys and acoustic guitar.

A DOD 866 is very similar, somehow related to the dbx 166, but a lot cheaper.

I really like Meek stuff, also, and the MC2 and C2 are tons of fun and I use ‘em on everything.

You don’t ever hear about the Symetric 522, but now that I have one, you just did. Cool I especially like it on electric guitar.

All of the above except the Gyraf are under US$300 used, some closer to US$200, and all capable of effective compression as well as some cool coloration.

Vlayman w/ Grankspoine: “A Certain Age”

Certain Age
c. ’14 Vlayman; derranged by Grankspoine

Standin’ at the crossroads of love
I’m either gonna love ya baby, or we’re just gonna fuck
You can’t say, any more than I, how it’s gonna go
And I won’t lie, at least not that you’ll ever know

This is how it is when yer just tryna make the grade
This is how it is when yer a certain age

Liein’ in the mainstreet of life
Never really tryin’ through the pain to get it right
Truth don’t make no difference to what or where
All that really mattters is that you got there

This is how it is when yer just tryna make the grade
This is how it is when yer a certain age

Sittin’ on the very edge of your bed
Thoughts are spining up and down in my head
Eyes are crossed and lies are crossed it’s true
All I gotta say it don’t pay to matter to you

This is how it is when yer just tryna make the grade
This is how it is when yer a certain age
This is how it is when yer just tryna make the grade
This is how it is when ya get to a certain age

Drums: nettage
Bass: P-Marlboro-DR-KX1-UA710.75tube
Gtrs, keys, horns: Grankspoine

Re small amps, again

Just posting about ‘em at TOMB, probably repeating myself:

I have a Pro, Jr. and really like it, use it for practices and recording.

Same with a Electar 10, what compliments the Pro, Jr. for recording, sounding a little different.

I’ve been looking for a Terror used, but they are more’n I wanna pay.

I have a 1960 Rickie M8E that’s awesome, Neil Young “Down By The River”/Keef “Brown Sugar”, Page “Custard Pie” tones … never leaves the house.

S/S I really like the little Vox Pathfinder and the Tech 21 Trademark 10- they record very well.

I also have a Peavey Audition with their “transtube” that is usable, especially for the high-gain sounds.

I have a couple others that are 1-trick ponies (Kustom, Mini Mouse, Harmony) as well as some of the little 1 w. S/S things like the Zues and the tweed Epi, a First act …

I have a Marlboro 25 w. 12″ bass amp, also. records aiight, especially when combined with a DI.
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The Sludge Monster Martini

The Sludge Monster Martini

“The pulp tends to settle at the bottom if you let it sit for too long.”

New The Hungry Drunx album: *I Been Uptown*

<— click

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How to start recording

Posted this at TOMB in answer to a 16 y.o.’s question:


There’ll be as many opinions as posters here, but FWIW, and it’s just mine, I’ll reco to you what I have to local friends.

Cassette recorders are cool and all & I’ve had and still have my share but they are lo-fi and now old and prone to breaking down, and tapes are not super easy to get. There are ways to re-create that lo-fi sound when using newer, digital recorders, with a little research, if that’s really what you want.

Me, I reco a inexpensive digital recorder. If it’s just one-take demo’s, I reco you get something like the Zoom H2, but since you seem to want to multi-track, I’d look for a SD card-based system.

FWIW, I use a Zoom R16 frequently to record drums (load into computer and overdub the rest), and it’s sturdy, easy, and sounds good, can be had for under US$250 used, has phantom power and effects, including compressors and EQ in the digital realm. I believe there are 4-track and 8-track and 16-track versions from various manufacturers, some that can be found even cheaper. They all seem to interface with computers through USB as well as the data cards; that is good because you can dump or mix your tracks and edit, etc. with cheap or even free software (the Zoom R16 comes with Cakewalk LE, I believe), which increases your options and odds of getting good-sounding results, and allows you to burn CD’s (for your parents and other dinosaurs) and post on-line, etc., and you even needn’t necessarily buy a soundcard.

Mic-wise, I reco the Shure 58 – pop the ball off and it sounds quite close to a ’57, and those are bog-standard mic’s, which makes ‘em a good learning tool. But there’s usually usable and cheaper mic’s around – I started using Digital Reference 57 clones on overheads and was happy for a while. After that, while you might get longer term good use out of another 57-type, there’s nothing wrong and a lot good with learning about condensors, and there are tons of cheap ones out there that are certainly usable, from MXL, CAD, MCA, etc. I strongly reco you buy used – just pay attention to buyer info if you are on Ebay. (98% or lower, don’t risk it, do research prices, pay attention to condition and returns policy, etc.)

Two more tips to get ya started:

1. do try and do some sound treatment, even if that means using pillows and couches and closets and bookshelves and blankets – there’s lots of info on line on the hows/whys but the bottom line is you’ll maximize your results;

2. do try and use as many mix-monitoring approaches as possible, not just headphones – compare the home stereo, bookshelf stereo, car stereo, I-pod, etc.

Welcome to the world of my favorite waste of effort and time and money! Twisted Evil


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