Vlayman: *Indiana*

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1. Freezer Burn 03:19
2. Hell Town 03:02
3. Mr. Jones 03:11
4. Jump (Did he?) 03:18
5. Handbags & Toe Rags 03:17

Aiight, so I been listenin’ The Cure and NIN and Curve and shite, and figgered I ain’t playt to no drum macheen-type stuffs inna while, and never wrote for keys afore, and wanted to use my Bass VI. Plus, I’m kinda broke, and it’s too freakin’ hot for to go out the house anywhat, and I been wartchin’ lotsa Westerns and drinkin’ box wine and gin. (Not togevver – I ain’ that bad, yet.)
Mixt at 92dB, so listen loud, and while yer atit, have a drinky or 3-4.

released August 26, 2018

Drums: nettage, edited by Bunzo
All else: Vlayman, except ya can hear some birds and cicadas if ya listen close enuff.

Writ, recorded, mixt, masturd, and sequenced at Feta Central DDL, south of Chi, between 8-18 and 8-26-18.

Fartwerk by Jose Jones (pix was taken as recordings made).

THDGeronimo Cowboys;
I mix with olive juice.

5 necessary pedals for the bassist

In response to a talkbass thread (“What are the Top 5 Pedals Needed as a Bass Player?“), I said:

Not a bad idear for a post, in the generalities sense.

1. Compressor (currently using a Toadworks Mr. Squishy on the live board, also dig the Visual Sound Rt 66, the BYOC multi, the MXR Custom, Pigtx Philosopher, even the Kokko, just now in the last 5 minutes took delivery onna BBE non-mustache opto I’m looking forward to trying; note that compressors can be used to control level, or change tone, or both – different ones do different things; BTW, you can often use a compressor – with the press turned down – as a boost)

2. Boost/OD (love the various EHX mini’s, especially the Hot Tube what can also be about distortion, the Pork Loin and the Blackstar blue are on my live board, the Blue Tube is worthy and the Real Tube, I also like the Radial Marshall thingy as a boost or even a Distortion + or 250, and those huge Ashdown pedals sound really good, but are unweildy)

3. Filter (so many to choose from, I currently have a modded mini-POD, a Meatbox and a Bass IQ on the live board; I sometimes slip in a Dr. Green Dr. No, or a Malekko green, or a Multiplex; the Knockout is a cool bass-boost filter, sorta like the bottom of the Meatbox)

4. Distortion/Fuzz (MXR Bass Fuzz and EHX Bass Muff currently, but I switch in other stuff like various Malekko [B:assmaster variations] or Zvex pedals [Super Dupe, Distrotron, BoxOfRocks], or a EBS multi, Bass Blogger, even a Rat2(LM) or Grunge …)

5. Modulation (currently have a Bass Clone and a Small Stone – nice and simple and clearly audible but not overwhelming)

Now, I have a cuppla boards, and one that is a few different Source Audio pedals, and you could get by with just 2 or 3 of those because they are multi’s. Or as someone said above, you could use a Zoom MS60b … I have a board built on amp emulators like the Tech21 VT and some Joyos (American Sound, California) that is useful for late-nite DI, too. Me, I find that stuff great for recording, mebbe jamming, but in the trenches, I want my pedals dedicated to one tweakable sound. My board is 11 pedals plus a wah (Rocktron Tri, currently) and while I can’t get a full-on Bootsy I can get close … I note I only ever use delay or reverb on bass on specific songs, typically slow and sparse ones and so currently only for recording.

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So, someone at TOMB wrote:

i’m guessing you’re not familiar with frank zappa then. he was as out there as
it gets and needed no substance. he was also insanely talented and again
needed nothing. substance/music going together is a myth

I replied:

Look, I’m about as reg’lar a Zombie Woof as anyone ever loved P-I-N-K-Y, $69.95 was, with my zircon-encrusted tweezers, wrist watch and Sears poncho, OK?
Zappa was jittery on life, all Armenian and shite as he was and if Flo & Eddied did it different, well, it wasn’t in front of him but he understood the culture, even as he disapproved of some of it.
Now, please explain the attraction of Cynthia Plastercaster (GTO’s) and Steve fucking Vai.
“substance/music going together is a myth” is mere wishfulness, droog, I’m afeared. And if the better among us conduct their lives believing the opposite myth, well, at least they don’t look like Keef, or die like Layne Staley.
Now, where the hell’s the olives?


I mix with olive juice.

Geronimo Cowboys: *Sally and Randy**


1. Sally and Randy 03:22
2. Give It a Whirl 03:36
3. Good 4 Us 03:22
4. Winnit 05:03
5. The Box (Put It in) 03:47
6. 635a 03:57
7. Do It With Feeling 04:33
8. A Story 04:27
9. Honey Drip Trip 06:11
10. Halloween 04:25

California and Illinois make outerspace country-rock.
No mushrooms were harmed in the baking of this opus.
No civilians were armed once the mushrooms survived.

released August 11, 2018

Guitars on all, drum prog and music on all but “The Box” and “Winnit”: Mark “Clean” Cline.
Lyrics on all, drum samples and music on “The Box” and “Winnit”, every thing else: Vlayman.

Some submixes by Clean somewhere in CA.
Mixes and masturds by Vlayman at FetaCentralRecording DDL, in IL.

Fartwerk: Jose Jones.
Cover sketches adapted from clipart: getdrawings.com.

I mix with olive juice.

The recording of the *You Think* EP in pix

Answering Silversmoth’s review question, Isaid:

Re that lead tone, as the lyric sheet explains the guitars:

#1: Revelation RJT60 “Jazzmaster” into Zvex Box of Rocks in Marshall Silver Jubilee yp NOS R2 ribbon mic into Yamaha PM1000 pre, with an M-Audio Luna mic into a Eureka pre for room.
#2: same but pedals are an Earthquaker Designs Organizer (sorta does a organ sound – it’s on the chorus) into a EHX Memory Toy, set as slap-back.
#3: Zvex BoR into a SuperFuzz clone into the Memory Toy, with a longer Love Pedal delay.

The “Room” mic is in the adjacent shitter; you can see the doorway to the left of the amp pic.

Vlayman: *You Think?*


1. You Think? 04:26
2. Wishin’ You Would 06:31
3. Yer Alley 03:51
4. Nothin’2Me 03:40
5. It Ain’t My Fault 03:52

5 in 5 daze.
released August 2, 2018

drums is nettage
all else is yo
fartwerk is Jose Jones
prodoosht and shite at FetaCentralRecording DDL

thanks to J. Mascis for the pedal gain-stage idear

I mix with olive juice.