The Hungry Drunx: “Manos Frias”

Los Manos Frias
c. ’13 The Hungry Drunx

I feel ’em as they stroke my spine
I feel like this time I’ve crossed the line

Muerta al igual que un agarre de dos monos frias
Muerta al igual que un estranguladora de los monos frias

I feel ’em holdin’ tight onto my wrists
Arms pinned in the night, I receive the kiss

I feel ’em wrapped around my neck
Squeezin’ tight ’til comes the black

Drums: Snarl
Bass: BadRicky-Brick-dbx160XT
AcGtrs: Ibz-ADKsdc_KSM27-ARTtps-DOD866
LdVoc: BlueSpark-UA710-ARTvla2
BV’s: BetaGreen4.1-UA710-ARTvla2
LdGtr: Wildkat-Marshall-EVnd267-ISA1_UA710-ARTvla2


The Hungry Drunx w/ Grankspoine: “To Do”

To Do (You Know What)
c. ’13 The Hungry Drunx, derranged by Grankspoine

Maid Marianne is looking for a helping hand
She wants you to stick around and be her man
You gotta be her man
And it’s true
Yeah, it’s true

You know what to do 3x
She told you

Princess Josephine is looking to make the scene
She wants you to help her get down inbetween
You gotta be clean
And it’s true
Yeah, it’s true

Queen Margaritte is looking for a special treat
She wants you to feed her something real neat
You gotta be sweet
And it’s true
Yeah, it’s true

Drums: Snarl
Bass (x2): JacoFrtls-MeekVC3q-dbx166A-
LdVoc: MXLv69ME-Summit-RNC
BV’s: KSM27-Summit-RNC
BV’s: Blue Spark-VC1Q
Keys, Horns, Gtr Grankspoine

The Hungry Drunx: “New Dog”

New Dog
c. ’13 The Hungry Drunx

Sally talked to Annie and told her what’s been goin’ on
Sally talked to Annie and told her what’s goin’ down
On the street tonight there’s been people askin’ questions,
runnin’ round with guns in hand and lookin’ for directions
Sally talked to Annie about what’s been goin’ on
Sally talked to Annie about what’s goin’ down
It’s not really sompin’ you can fix
By teachin’ a new dog old tricks

Willie and him been plannin’ on goin’ in
Willie and him is goin’ in
In the dark tonight they’ll be tryna fight
Runnin’ round with they guns until day light
Willie and him been plannin’ on goin’ in
Willie and him is definitely goin’ in

Me and Jessie Sue been tryna get outta here
Me and Jessie Sue, we need some more beer
Layin’ in bed in the dark and sweatin’ so hard
Feels like we was running round with guns all night
Me and Jessie Sue we gotta get outta here
Me and Jessie Sue, we gonna go for some more beer

Drums: Snarl
Bass: JacoFrtls-MeekVC3Q-dbx160XT
LdVoc: MXLv69ME-Summit-RNC
BV’s: KSM27-Summit-RNC
Gtr: F100single-Marshall-C1000S-ISA1pad
Gtr: Paul-Marshall-C1000S-ISA1pad

Vlayman: “Daddy Rock”

Daddy Rock
c. ’13 Vayman

And I couldn’t be more lost if you dropped me off a mountain
Somewhere in the wild west in the woods above a placid lake
And I wouldn’t be more lost if you left me inna fountain, drunk and
passed out and with a chain locked on my leg

You know it ain’t just all talk
Some daddy’s do know how to rock

And I couldn’t be more lost if you had tried to tell me, that you really
love me and you didn’t mean to leave
And I wouldn’t be more lost if you shot me in a rocket, out to outter
space and way past Saturn’s rings

And I couldn’t be more lost if I awoke in your arms, with a head full
of gin and not a stitch to wear
And I wouldn’t be more lost if I realized that you were dead, and I
had a gun in one hand and the other wraped in your hair

Drums: BFTZ
Bass: Alvz-dbx160XT-dbx163X
LdVoc: KSM27-Summit-VLA2
BV’s: BlueSpark-Summit-VLA2
RthmGtr: F100-HD130-2×12(Rcktron)-AKGd790-ISA1_BlueSpark-
LdGt: F100-HD130-2×12(FullTn-Barber-DigiVrb)-AKGd790-

Vlayman: “F.o.L.” 8-20-13 challenge

F.o.L. (8-20-13 challenge)
c. ’13 Vlayman

I owe ’em money and I admit it
But I got lots more problems then their piddly little credit
I owe ’em money and I admit it
So they can sue me

I gotta problem, and I admit it
But I need lots more credit than I been gettin’
I gotta problem, and I admit it
So they can sue me

These are the facts of life, in this modern world
These are the facts of life when yer tryna make some girl

There is a thing, and it’s been bad
Ther is the thing but I know we’ll get past it
There is this thing and it’s been bad
If they gotta they can do me

Drums: nettage
Bass: Alvz-VC1q
LdVoc: ShurePE589-VC1Q
BV’s: Shure SM565SD-VC1Q
Gtrs: F100-UA710max’d

I gotta confess, I kinda hate nice mic’s and guitars

From a thread at TOMB:

I mean, I gotta couple-5 of each, and I am very careful to take care of ’em, not bang ’em around, scratch ’em, let ’em get dusty.

Whadda drag.

I have more fun with my beater guitars and mic’s what I can sweat on, swing around, whack cymbals and the drummer with, risk dropping as I dance …


… nice stuff is mebbe less useful, to the extent that I feel I should be careful with it to keep it nice.

Once the guitar is scratched I can bang it on the stage or toss it to someone I’m 90% sure will catch it.

Once a mic is dented (I tipped a stand-mounted MXL V69ME last week and gave the gold screen a souvenir), I somehow feel more free to spit on it and scream, don’t feel totally obligated to case it vs. a toss into the gig bag.


When I say “beater”, I’m not referring to “low quality”, but rather “well-used”.

For example, I consider my 80’s Tele or Paul or G&L F100’s to be well-used, beater guitars, and superior to my newish SG, MIJ Strat, Epi Wildkat and Sheraton II, etc.

When I play the dented and chipped and bled-on former, I rock; when I play the shiny latter, I’m careful of the instrument.

When I sing in my old spit-covered, dis-colored and chipped 58’s or 57’s or AKG’s, what I love, I’m more casual with them than any condensor, or even a newish SM7b or RE320 or 421II.

I have two AKG310’s – the old beat one gets used far more, even tho’ they sound the same; likewise, I use the beat-up Shures before the newer ones (yes, I tend to have pairs of mic’s – I guess I see ’em as testicular extensions or sompin’. Laughing )

Mebbe it’s a complex? I always choose the grungier cords or cables for performance, the well-worn picks and loose mic stands and chipped glass slides …

Mebbe it’s ‘cuz my moms always says keep nice things nice, so that I only feel comfortable workin’ the beaters hard.


Vlayman album: *Crickets*

 <— click

1. Midnight (I Started Drinking) 03:15
2. Crickets 04:07
3. Git Gone (Go On) w/ Grankspoine 03:29
4. Retinue 03:40
5. Father’s Day 03:29
6. Colder 02:39
7. Wayside 03:58
8. Ravenous 03:19
9. nO hESITATION 03:42
10. Nightmare (Some Kinda) 03:32
11. Blues Song (Notta M-F-in’) 02:59

Some more clatter from the clutter with assistance from the below-listed and Seagram’s Extra Dry.
released 18 August 2013
Grankspoine: derrangment, keys, horns, guitar on #3
Silversmith: drums on #8
Vlayman: the really bad stuff