Vlayman: Love (Is All There Is)

Love (Is All There Is)
c. ’15 Vlayman

I never been a patient guy
I can never wait to see you cry
Don’t wanna walk that extra mile
Just to see you smile

I never had the kind of time,
to decide what I want for mine
I take it as it seems to come
I reckon you think that’s pretty dumb

CH: And love is all there is, they say
everything else is just waiting
Yeah, love is all there is, they say
The rest is just the hating

I used to have a goal or two
A cuppla things I wanted to do
I had in mind to do it fast
Now it seems that time is past


I never been the kinda guy
Would or could put up with yer kind of lies
And now yer out there on the tiles
Deep inside ya know I smile

CH: And love is all there is, they say
everything else is just waiting
Yeah, love is all there is, they say
The rest is just the hating
CH: And love is all there is, they say
everything else is just waiting
Yeah, love is all there is, they say
The rest is just the wanking

Drums: nettage
Bass: Hnr2B2(Mr.Squishy)-Bricvk-dbx160XT
RthmGtrs: G&Lf100E(Meat-HeartAttack)-HotRod-AKG310-ISA1
Vox:  MXLv77-Eureka
LdGtrs: LP(WpDemon)-VT60-MD421II-Eureka

V;ayman: “Gin ‘N’ Tonic”

Gin ‘N’ Tonic
c. ’15 Vlayman

I don’t mean to be laconic
I don’t know what to say
I been thinkin’ of you every day


You always taste of gin ‘n’ tonic
Ya never have too much to say
I guess that’s just yer way

You ask and I’ll get right onnit
You get to be the one to say
I want it every day

Drums: nettage
RthmGtrs: G&Lf100E(delays)-HotRod-MXL880-PM1000
LdGtrs: G&Lf100E(delays-FullTdistPro)-HotRod-MXL880-PM1000
Bass: HnrBA2B-Brick-dbx160XT
Vox: Senn MK4-Eureka
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The Hungry Drunx: *Birds*

1. Birds 03:29
2. Mogadishu Music 03:49
3. Gawd Save Us w. Grankspoine 03:20
4. Pure 04:33
5. Not True w. Mark Cline 03:49
6. Monkey Scratch 03:45
7. Between Sorrow & Goodbye 04:37
8. Smooth (Keep It) 04:05
9. The Eternity Shift 03:25
10. You Think You Know (Dub’d) 05:34

We tried to get Apple to push this to I-Pods and they declined. We tried to get General Mills to put a cuppla songs on actetates in their cereal boxes and they declined. We asked that N. Korean dicktater dude to broadcast it over the border and he declined. We asked The Donald to use it at his rallies and he fired us without ever hiring us. So, here it is.

released 22 August 2015

Grankspoine played keys, guitars, horns on #3; Mark Cline played guitar on # 5; Snarl beat drums on all; Vlayman crapped on everything.
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Daddy Issues

Daddy issues, some might say, but at 55 I still compare myselves to my father (RIP), especially concering his areas of expertise.

Went to change the oil and the thermostat on my old (’96 Dodge 1500 w/ 5.9L) this AM, had the tools out and the son standing by to assist.

Lemme see, loosen the tortion wheel and get the serpentine off, check.
Un-bolt the alternator – tight bitch, two bolts one nut, check.

Look it over, gotta un-wire the alternator, remove the cross brace, move the AC lines …

… no.

My daddy, and many is the time, would be out there all day cursing and fighting the thing and having me there to assist and be cursed at and help him fight it.

And it is fond memories that make me larf – about how miserable it was at the time.

Me, I put it all back together – that took a half hour of cursing and fighting (tho’ not at my kid) – and I’m gonna bring it in to the shop and for US$200 they can replace the thermostat and change the oil and I won’t hafta curse nothin’ but them and the bill.

I hope my kid eventually gets smarter than me, too.  thumbup

Pedal Boardage, Part doosh

This is the Away Board:


I bolted a enameled cooking grate, like for onna BBQ, to a piece of wood shelving. I use removable Zip ties to hold the pedals, tuck the wiring around ’em. The whole thing fits into a old Samsonite briefcase I had laying around (it’s on the left) what I need not even take the board out of. I plug a wah (not shown) on the right, using a empty lead from the One-Spot, and placing the wah on top of the board to transport in the case.
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Pedal Boardage

Damn things is expensive if you buy commercial ones. Me, a One-Spot is fine for, and the other issue is portability.
So I built two.

This is the Home Board:

I built it outta a wire shelf I bought at Menard’s Home Supply, zip-tied the brackets underneath for stability, used releasable zip-ties for the pedals to make it easier and cheaper to change ’em out.

It’s pretty sturdy, even using the wah, but while it might be OK for the occasional gig, I’d not want it on the road. As a way to organize the pedals and make ’em EZier to use in the bedio, however, well, it works!


Vlayman: “Psyko”

c. ’15 Vlayman

I think I have feelings for you
I feel kinda numb, I do
I feel like I like thinkin’ ’bout you
I think I’m kinda dumb

This is how I see things, you see
This is how it (always) looks to me
There’s only this much that I can (ever) be
This is how I see things, you see

I think there for they say that I am
I am some kinda man
At least I think I am around you
But I never know what ya want me to do

I ain ‘t a psycho, no

Drums: nettage
Basses: Hnr-Brick-166A
Vox: D5-Brick-166A
Gtrs: G&Lf100E(MXRcomp-ModTnVD-EHXMemBoy)-AmpegVT60MD421II-PM1000
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