Moronic C/L muso ad

Pro Trump Musicians Wanted

That’s right , that’s what I said pro Trump musicians wanted because that’s what I am and I’m proud of it and I don’t want to hang with any leftist brain washed liberal anti American New World Order (NWO) pro globalist mainstream media dick licking mother fuckers with their heads up their ass. Now that we’ve got that out of the way , do I have any takers that can actually play it like it was meant to be played? I’m an American Music lover that loves everything from rock to country to blues to R&B to folk to metal to everything in between and damn good at what I do and I’m not going to apologize for any of it. I’m looking to be with a group of my own kind that knows exactly what I’m talking about and ain’t afraid to admit it. And please , don’t confuse this some political Democrat / Republican bullshit either cause that ain’t what this is about. It’s about playing music with people with the same core values and beliefs that actually have respect for each other that you can count on! If any of this clicks with you drop me a line and we’ll go from there. I’m primarily a guitarist and a singer that plays other things too. Hope to hear from you soon!

“And please , don’t confuse this some political Democrat / Republican bullshit either cause that ain’t what this is about.”

yes it is, you made it so, dumbass

funny funny funny – I’m going to quote this one

oh, and if  I fit into your description of “leftist brain washed liberal anti American New World Order (NWO) pro globalist mainstream media dick licking mother fuckers with their heads up their ass”, you’re still and forever just a silly douchebag with undoubtedly small hands, a fear of women and common sense, and a need to aggressively over-compensate for your inability to understand exactly why you  hero-worship a complete corporate-America shill and fraud

have a shit day to match your idiotic and offensive ad, but I also wish you as big a laugh as you gave me


Some short inexpensive LDC’s& MDC’s for vocals reviews

In answer to a friend’s query:

For a relatively inexpensive MDC or LDC I could easily reco for vocals:

Sterling ST6050 Ocean Way – lots of depth, sounds kinda vintage, sweet top

MXL Genesis FET – brighter than the 6050, not dissimilar

Sennheiser MK4 – very clean, neutral and accurate

Shure KSM27 (MDC) – nicely colored for vocals, fairly neutral, a little bright

ADK A6 – no color, neutral, seems dark because of that

Blue Spark – like a lot of less expensive LDC’s, but cleaner, and has a switchable cap for color

AT 4040 (MDC) – nicely colored, a little bright, accurate, can have some vocal artifacts at times, nice on OH’s

M-Audio Luna – a fave on vocals, very colored, vintage sounding

M-Audio Solaris – multi-pattern version of the Luna -I prefer the Luna, but they are close

CAD GLX 3000 – like a lot of less expensive LDC’s, but cleaner, slightly colored

CAD M179 – accurate, kind of dark, nice on OH’s

The Trumpedal



carpal diem!


My boards, 3-17

MVx2: *Arrested*


1. Mow the Lawn 04:07
2. Arrested 04:10
3. When I Arrive w Grankspoine 03:35
4. Headache w TomS 03:20
5. Desperate (Reason to Be) w Grankspoine 03:17
6. Eat Your Dreams 04:12
7. Build It There 04:38
8. How You Do 03:57
9. I Can Tell 03:56
10. All On My Own 03:37

MarkV & MikeV’s 4th album, with stalwart Grankspoine (#3, 5) and Los Martoonies’ guitarist TomS (#4) along for the heart-massage.

released March 19, 2017

Drums: MarkV
Keys & horns & guitar on # 3, 5: Grankspoine
Guitars on # 4: TomS
All else: MikeV (Vlayman)

Drums recorded at Renae’s Place; overdubs and mixing and masturding at Feta Central DDL.

Support local law enforcement!
bandcamp; vlayman;
THD; blog.
I mix with olive juice.

Two responses to my muso ad

First response:
Hey, I’m doing a jam nite starting the 30th at Celtic Crown on Western 9pm on Western. A lot of great players are expected, and I don’t even know any bad drummers.


Now besides that the bar is about 1.5 hours away, and she’s musically channeling Trumpy (“a lot of great players are expected”), and she doesn’t know even any bad drummers, I wonder if she’s gonna video herself, “doing a jam nite”. Also, how much for a copy of that?

Fecund response:

Do you sing? Go to link and see if this is of interest………… this is what I do. I record at my place. I am currently using two different fm singers they are both on the songs. I just picked up a male vocalist.  If interested send me your stuff and I will let you know if I am interested in yours……….Thanks
Now besides the fact that I met with this guy at his “studio” last summer, got pretty wasted with him and jammed (he wasn’t very good) and co-wrote a song and then he never called back, he has since (starting 6 months after that) contacted me twice; first to get together 6 months later, fecund in response to another ad. Both times, and at the initial meeting, I gave him the same bandcamp link that is in ithis ad, and the moron still says, “send me your stuff”.

Yamaha YC – a short review

As posted at

I write play rock (on guitar, bass vox – keys is for fill-in) , and I need to get some organ sounds going on. I have 3 Casios and a Yamaha, the kind with built in speakers. They do OK cheese, but … I have a nice Yamaha S-03 what sounds great, but is relatively big, needs a stand, is a PITA to program and set up. I have a Microkorg, what sounds like a Korg synth – if you play synth, you know what I mean; organ is possible, but … I have a Arturia Microbrute – oh, what a lucky man, I am. Then I found a good price here on this – all my roots-rock and other organ needs is met. It sounds great with built in leslie (tone, fast, slow), distortion and reverb effects, adjustable attack (the key-hit part of the sound – think B3, and Billy Preston) and drawbars. It has 4 patches to start out, (Yama, Hammond, Vox, etc.) and is about infinitely adjustable. And it’s very portable, 3/4 sized, wall-warted, and it’s almost Nord red. FWIW, I spent a lot of time looking for a case and went with the Gator 21″ (one for the MicroK, also). IMNSFHO, this rules. (Can be heard on the most recent stuff on bandcamp under Vlayman).