We just wartched Alien and Aliens acuz I bought the 9 disc 4 movie box set, so we went to the theatre today to see Prometheus.

Kids elected 2D, what was fine by me.

Thoroughly enjoyed it!

I bet I legitimately jumped 3 or 4 times, and there was cool gore, including a self-admin’d major surgical procedure.

5/5 olives.


CD reviews

Just some short reviews as posted this year at TOMB in the “What  Are You Listening To Today?” thread.

Lana DelRey – better than I expected, bought for daughter.

Leonard Cohen’s latest – excellent.

Van Halen’s latest – aiight, and funny.

Steve Wynn, Live Tick – awesome garage-psych-jams.

Mark Lanegan’s latest – love it.

Nick Lowe’s latest – boring.

Johnny Thunders, So Alone – a classic where I’m coming from.

20th Century Masters: The best of P-Funk, the Millennial Collection: I forgot how much weird P-funk can be, “I’m gonna take my shoes off!”

Great stuff.

New VH still in the rotate, and Steve Wynn’s Northern Aggression, what is really getting me off as excellent garage-psych.

Also, listened to the latest Foo Fighters, and while the sound is not really anything other than well-produced (analog or digital), the songs are really growing on me, as a collection. I mean, main-stream hardcore, who’d a thunk? Twisted Evil

MBV’s Tremolo – stoner weirdness, I s-s-s-swear-r-r-r.

The National, Boxer – I really dig these guys, who have absolutely no funk and very little swing, but gorgeous sounds and that tenor voice … This one is produced by Katis, and I find myself listening for for the Microlimiter … there or not, the drums sound great!

Come, Near Life Experience – love these guys, and even tho’ Zedek and Brokaw are still around, this stuff is their peak!

Watched a DVD last night, Zappa and Vai, et al., called, The Torture Never Stops. My teenage kids are now fans! Twisted Evil

Last night were Coltrane’s Transitions – especially listening to McCoy Tyner’s amazing fingers.

Springsteen, Wrecking Ball – why he hafta steal a Emmy Lou title? First impression is, I like it. In some ways ya gotta hate Springsteen for still being around, for tryna top everything before, say, Darkness (my fave), for still being so damn cool and a excellent writer and muso. Really, the noise to signal is very low, even as he’s so damn prolific I getta CD and only listen to it a cuppla times before going back to the classics for my Broooce fix.

Checked out the new out-takes disc from Screaming Trees – nice and grungy tunes, well-produced.

Interesting to compare Lanegan’s voice, then and now.

Soul Savers (w/ Lanegan), Broken: I love this band, sorta techno/goth/grunge …

ZZ Top, Tres Hombres (remastered): a wonderful re-master of a true classic – dig the punches!

Soul Savers, Broken: I like this as much as I like the latest Lanegan.

Smashing Pumpkins, Siamese Dream (remastered): cool box set and I was at

the concert on the DVD. I didn’t think this would sound better, but it does.

Calexico, Carried to Dust: just beautiful sounds and great songs and performance. Gotta love the trumpets.

The Chameleons, Script of the Bridge (25th Anniversary): a cross, in retrospect, between U2 and The Jam? The remaster is excellent altho (guitars are a bit under-mixed, the songs hold up wonderfully, and the live DVD is ver’ cool

It Might Get Loud: I bought this DVD last year and misplaced it, found it yesterday and watched it last night. Great fun, even if it boored the kids. (Note to Garges, if ya saw it, did ya see Dexter Romberger’s band Flat Duo Jets innit? Didja know his sis, Sarah, played in Let’s Active? My mind is fulla such trivia uselessness …)

Of Bruen’s and Brants

Saw a cool flick last night on DVD:  Jason Statham (a fave ’round here) in Blitz , based on Ken Bruen’s “Brant” series!   thumbup

I’m a big noir fan, and Bruen is absolutely top of the game.  The Brant books, about a tough/dirty English cop, are just a little cartoonish – I do prefer his Irish garda (Jack Taylor) books –  but they are always fun, and they made for a entertaining movie.

As for Statham, well, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels  on, he’s been uniformly freakin’ cool, and is here.