“Do you normalize?”

Yep; I find gin especially effective, lately.

As far as tracks go, I do not “normalize”, but I do gain-boost for ease of visual editing, and convenience of level-setting.

For example, if there are right and left rhythm guitars, I like to have the tracks at the same level; I usually get ’em there with light (3-4dBu) limiting.

And I actually like to have all my tracks, after recording, peaking to about -3dBu.  That way, I have a quick faders-up mix pretty easily.

And when I do that quick mix with my typical levels (say, drums – 4dBu, bass -12 or 14dBu, guitars -14, ldVoc -12, etc.), it’s  peaking around -3dBu, what means ruffs don’t need limiting or other adjustmen.


G.A.S. results: Headless bottom and a Wildkat


Song Notes on “The Wet Spot”, & “Gata Dulce”

“The Wet Spot”

Aiighty, so there’s this website, cabinetpin.com, where you are asked to post a song written and performed entirely on the 20th of the month. The idear is to force creativity; I have done this for almost 2 years now, and it’s a rush.
So, it were Friday and I had Happy Hour’d, came home thru the snow, made dinner and ate it with the kids and I wartchin’ TV.  Then, at 9:00 PM, I started.
First, I took some unused drum tracks I had and kinda looped ’em after mix-down.
I layed off the bass with my nerw Hohner Steinberger-licensed headless bass, thru the ART TPS pre into the dbx 166A compressor.
Next came the rhythm guitars, what was my The Paul into a cheap Zoom GM200 processor on “British Drive”, into the ART TPS pre.
Then I wrote the words and sang the lead, what was thru the Sennheiser MD421 into my Summit 2BA-221 pre into a Meek C2 compressor. This was about 11:00 PM (the drums took over a hour) so I hadda whisper the voc (kids sleepin), lips on the mic, what is why the voc is so crunchy.
Then I did BV’s, using a EV 635a.
Finally was the lead, what was my new Epiphone Wildkat with the same emulation chain.
The track was mixed in Sony 4506 cans, and everything completed by about 11:45 PM – just made it!
What’s it about? Only adults will/should know, I reckon …

“Gata Dulce”
This is a rare one in that I did the drums and bass (recorded live into the Zoom R16 with C5 OH’s at 90 degrees, ’58 on the snare, E602 on kick, MXL144 ribbon on room, and the floor tom gotta RE320) and then wrote and did the vocals (LdVoc: Senn. MD421-Summit-VLA2 and BV’s: CAD M149-Summit-VLA2) last weekend. So, I didn’t get to the guitars until today, but the derrangement was simple enuff that I knocked ’em off in about a hour. Rhythm guitar is The Paul into my Marshall, mic’d with a modded MXL 144 ribbon, sent to the Focuisrite ISA One. The lead is the Epi Wildkat thru a Holy Grail verb on “spring”, into a Elektar 10 thru a 2×12″ open-back Celstion cab, mic’d with the MXL into the ISA1. I confess the lead guitar (leftish) is kinda loose – it took me most of the hour to figure it out. I especially like the vocal repeats what are near the end of their phrases, and continue under the actual ends.
“Gata Dulce” is my Chicagish for “sweet cat”, yep.

TFP: “Gata Dulce”

Gata Dulce
c. ’11 The Friday Project
She’s a momma cat carin’ for me
Lays me out and gets me clean
Brings me eats and rubs my feet
She’s a momma cat carin’ for me

Spanish is the loving tongue
That loves me all night long
Spanish is her loving tongue
She never does me wrong

She’s a feline presence in the front of my
My past and future present, goin’ on all time
Takes my shit and walks my line
She’s a momma cat, she’s kitty mine

Spanish is the loving tongue
That loves me all night long
Spanish is the loving tongue
She loves me all night long

She’s got the softest fur, when you touch her
Coal black eyes, and raven hair
She takes me in, with her kohl-rimmed stare
She’s one for one, the one who cares

She’s the momma cat carin’ for me
Lets me out and leaves me be
Lets me in, after I leave
She’s my gata dulce carin’ for me

Spanish is the loving tongue
That loves me all night long
Spanish is her loving tongue
She never does me wrong

Drums: Krister-yamas-R16 (OH 90 degrees)
Bass: Alvarez-R16
RthmGtr: LP-Mrshl-MXL144-ISA1
LdGtr: Wildkat-Epi-2×12-MXL144-ISA1
LdVoc: Senn. MD421-Summit-VLA2
BV’s: CAD M149-Summit-VLA2

cabinetpin.com 1-20-12 challenge; TFP: “The Wet Spot”

The Wet Spot
c. ’12 The Friday Project

You been laying down the law
You been tellin’ me all about it now
When to get up when to go down
You been tellin’ me all about it now
You been sayin’ how you saw
Every thing the way it’s gonna be
You don’t write and you don’t call
You just breathe and holler out for me
CH: Lemme tellya whatcha got
Lemme tellya whatcha got
You got the wet spot

You been wearin’ hardly nothin’
Walkin’ out to go do somethin’
You been leavein’ me undun
Runnin’ round and havin’ yer fun

Bass: Hdless-ARTtps-dbx166A
LdVoc: 421-Summit-MeekC2
BV’s: 635a-Summit-MeekC2
RthmGtrs: Lp-GM200-ART
LdGtr: Wildkat-GM200-ART

I started this book in the AM, and stayed up late to finish it

I give this 4.5 outta 5 olives on my personal review scale. Lemme add only noir and crime novels ever seem to get 5/5 outta me!

Oh, and another thing; I can’t decide if this is a great CD accompanied by a good book, or a great book accompanied by a good CD.

In any event, no affiliation, just impressed with this fellow TOMBer’s work!

You can find it here.

Sompin’ The Ferg said

Speaking of rock-n-roll and Amercan Idol, Craig Ferguson (American comedian, born in Scotland), bemoaned the predictability and structure of it all, stating that rock music requires rebellion.

“What do I know?  I’m old!”,  he said, “But what I mean is, get onto my lawn!”