A view of the bedio

Cuppla pedals, The Soundblox2 OFD, what is an interesting digi-distortion allegedly cloning various sounds. I’ve triued it on guitar and it was usable for recording thru an amp, lotsa variations in sound and flexible; we’ll see if it makes it onto my bass board.

Also got a Micro-Pog what apparently has the T1m mod what gives, essentially the ability to set it up with two different sounds. I think it was subsequently mod’d to stack the subs in one “channel”, as opposed to having the two settings identical – ver’ cool!

I also rec’d a Duncan Power Grid I’ve not tried out yet.

Finally, what with LED TV’s being so cheap, I put a 17″ with a digi-antenna and built-in DVD in my bedio for recording inspiration, and so I can wartch the news when files are rendering.


I mix with olive juice.

1984: Dream Syndicate opening for REM

I posted this on Faecesbook:

“So me and a buddy meet 2 girls inna bar and go from DeKalb to Chicago’s Aragon Theatre for this show, him for REM and me for my more fave band, drinking all the way, and I realize as we enter the venue that I left the 4 tickets back home. So I hadda buy 4 more, and we only saw the last 4 songs, and it was worth it, and the whole show is on *The Medicine Show* remastered CD. REM was OK, also.”

New Vlayman album: *Treason*

1. Saints Have a Past 03:39
2. Certain Person 05:37
3. Picture on the Wall (w Silversmith) 03:44
4. Sometimes a Man 04:26
5. Wishin’ You Would 03:55
6. Real Men (w Silversmith) 03:33
7. Treason 03:34
8. To Think 03:46
9. Faller 03:38
10. Younger Women (Hey! Hey!) 03:16

Aiight, so I been listening to a lotta shoegaze lately, and buying some cheap used guitars and also some used FX. And then the funk creeps in, and summa my signature misanthropy, too. Please play loud while drinking, just like I created it.

released July 13, 2017

Silversmith: drums on #’s 3 & 6
Vlayman: all the other shite
I mix with olive juice.

More C/L fun

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Every now and then a product listing cracks me up:

Benriner Japanese Mandoline Slicer, Green
4.3 out of 5 stars    1,208 customer reviews  | 94 answered questions
Price:   $23.40 Free Shipping for Prime Members
3 blades
Adjustments may be lose and require frequent re-tightening
Older model; newer version preferred model by manufacturer
Narrow ramp; must cut veggies to use properly
Don’t use without band-aids


Read the last line.

Use of Gtr/Bass FX

On Faecesbook, I said:

On guitar, other than OD’s and the odd modulation-based line, I tend to use FX for lead emphasis or just sections (e.g., a chorus). I’m more likely to use FX like filters and distortions on the whole bass track of a song, I’d say more than half of my pedals are “clean” gain, OD or distortion pedals, and I switch ’em out a few times a year. All that said, I play about 75% just using the amp. (I tend to ramble like this as I think out loud, and then copy it to my blog, sorry. 😜)

How I got the “Ain’t Yer Bidness” bass sound

Asked about that, I replied:

My notes say that bass was: HnrB2_prkLoin_FDr’sNote-AmpegB108-SM7b-dbx160xt

That means, “Hohner B2 headless bass, to Way Huge Pork Loin pedal, to Dr. Green Dr’s Note pedal, to Ampeg B108 amp, to Shure 2m7 mic, to dbx160XT compressor”. The bass also has a parallel track of the mic’d bass amp thru a Meek VC3Q channel strip and they are very slightly opposite-panned. The bass was first overdubbed on edited drums from a blooze jam.

The vocal was sung thru a handheld EV609 that, when I wasn’t singing, was pointed at the guitar amp what was right next to me; I tried to use panning with that to expand the guitar when not singing. The guitar and vocal are unedited 1st take improv, other than ‘ I did cut and paste the last “fuck you”.

There is a touch of compression and plate on the vocal/guitar track, and a touch of compression and room on the whole mix.