The Friday Project record release: *Mushroom Sally*

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1. Going In Hot 03:52
2. Stay Frosty 04:45
3. The Man Who (w/ Grankspoine) 04:36
4. Mushroom Sally 03:56
5. This One 03:08
6. If We’re Gonna Be 06:31
7. Stupid Inna Suit 04:18
8. Lay Down the Law 03:34
9. Electric Chair 03:34
10 Classical 03:34

vintage early 2012 modernjism
released 29 August 2012
Krister: whacks & paradiddles, crashes and burns
Vlayman: psilocybinischisms
Grankspoine: the man who

The Friday Project: “Dancin’ Backwards”

Dancing Backwards
c. ’12 The Friday Project

I take your hand
I feel a bit free
For a man
With no identity
I’m Dancing, I’m Dancing, Backwards

I feel your skin
Heating up the silk
Please let me in
Do me as you will
I’m Dancing, I’m Dancing, Backwards

Laying here
Some heaven onna bed
Forget our fears
As we move our heads
We’re Dancing, I’m Dancing, Backwards

Drums: Krister-Yamas-R16 (SP C5 OH’s; SM57 Snare)
Bass: BadRickie-Brick-dbx160XT
Gtrs: Wildkat-M8E-TelefunkenTD20-ISA1
LdVoc: MD421n-Altec1189-MeekC2
BV’s: RS331070D-Altec1189-MeekC2

Mo’ board wood

In response to some questions:

The dynamic filter izza auto-wah, what can change the center frequency, the Q of and reverse the filter, reverse the filter response (like pedal up instead of down) and lock the filter (like a wah in set position, as in Michael Schenker).

Bass pedals include a Boss CE3 chorus, a Ibanez PD7 Tone-lock Compression/Distortion, a Ibanez SF10 Swell Flanger (a kinda auto-wah/flanger) and a old multi-filter, reversing, EHX wah/volume pedal.  I used both auto-wahs on my bass board, and sometimes I add a Chandler Tube Drive or a Eden WTDI compressor/pre.

When I don’t use a board, I’ll often use the Chandler or a Peavey Hotfoot distortion, and then a EHX Holy Grail or a Danolectro FAB Echo with the DOD FX96 Analog Delay, and a wah.  That’s because the Chandler and the EHX require their own power plugs …

It’s funny: I use this stuff when jamming, but when recording seldom have anything on bass, and usually just add a echo or spring to guitar (along with whatever distortion and wah.)

Too Board, or Two Bored?



On the case:

The old (1st)  one is The Rat distortion into a Ibanez TS5 overdrive; two flava’s.  Then the DOD FX60 chorus, what is nice inna subtle way on rhythms (see the knobs) and the FX90 delay, what I kinda hate.  Oh, and a Dunlop Jimi, what is cool, in line between the Rat and TS.

The new one is the cheapo Vox US$50 wah (I like it!) into the Fulltone set for distortion (it can be a over-drive, also – very flexible) into the Barber OD (love it!) into a Boss auto-wah into my new Rocktron Short Timer Delay, what just replace my DOD FX96 (what I wanna keep in the bedio).

I have a DOD Digiverb coming, what I hope will be more convenient than the Holy Grail, what I like, but requires its own wall-wart.

I so like the Short Timer, I just won on evil-Bog a Austin Gold Overdrive, for shites, giggles, and mebbe some brown-sound.

I note I have about 20 other pedals (including my bass pedals); these made the guitar cut.

The Friday Project: “Pushin’ Fire”


for the 20th of the month challenge

Pushing Fire
c. ’12 The Friday Project

I been lookin’
You been cookin’
You been pushin’ fire

I been chasin’
You been racin’
You been pushin’ fire

I been breathin’
You been teasin’
You been pushin’ fire

I been writin’
You been lightin’
You been pushin’ fire

Drums: Krister-Yamas-Ri16 (OH’s AT4040; Snare beta 58 )
Bass: HohnrHdls-Brick-160XT
Ld Voc:ADKa51V-UA710-1176
BV’s: RE10-UA710-1176
Gtrs: Wildkat-M8E-M500-ISA1

Re my new pedal board, and latest song

In answer to a question at

Gangster story?  Ok …  Grin

I wanted to re-do my pedal board, when I realized I have enuff stuff to make a fecund, and since I’m now the guitarist not the bassist, I repurposed my bass pedal board. It’s a One-Spot powering (in reverse order) a DOD FX96 Delay (great analog/tape sound), a Boss FT2 Dynamic Filter (used with bass, also – cool auto-wah or Wah-EQ), a Barber Direct Drive (my new fave OD) and a Fulltone Distortion Pro (a very flexible, smooth distortion).  The rhythm guitars are a Hamer into the Barber into a ProJr, the lead guitar is my Epi Wildkat into my Rickenbacker M8E with the Fulltone and sometimes the FX96.  But the noteworthy thing is, I’m using the recent Chinese Dunlop wah, and the damn thing sounds excellent – I think I paid US$29 for it, used. (SM545 on the ProJr, a Chinee ribbon on the Rick, all into a ISA1.)

And yep, the drums were constructed from a 1.5 minute multi-track out take that I mixed down and then cut and pasted into a song.

The Friday Project: “Take You With Me”

Take You With Me
c. ’12 The Friday Project

In my very best silk tie
I look you right in the eye as I lie
I don’t know when I’m gonna die but
I’m gonna take you with me

In my very best silk suit
I look so cute as I put in the boot
Not sure when I’ll start to shoot but
I’m gonna take you with me

Gonna take you with me

In my very best crushed hat
I look so phat as I step on yer cat
Don’t know how much I’ll use this bat but
I’m gonna take you with me

Gonna take you with me
Gonna take you with me 2x

In my very best mohair top coat
I start to gloat as you just can’t float
Not sure if I’ll leave a note but
I’m glad I took you with me

Gonna take you with me

Glad I took you with me

Drums: kriter-yamas-R16 (AT4040OH)
LdVoc: MD421n-UA710-1176
BV’s: RE10-UA710-1176
RthmGtrs: Hamer-ProJr-SM545-ISA1
LdGtr: Wildkat-RickieM8E-NOSrbn-ISA1