The Hungry Drunx: “The Gone Before”

The Gone Before
c. ’13 The Hungry Drunx

You might know them by their smell
And that smell is like they come from hell
And that smell is a kinda tell

Ch: You don’t know ’em anymore
You can’t know ’em any more
They’re the gone before

You might hear ’em howlin’ in the night
You might hear ’em cryin’ without light
And the sounds will bring the fright


You might see ’em, if you but let it
You might sight ’em, but you don’t get it
If they find you, you’ll regret it

Drums: Snarl
Bass: HnrHdls-UA710-dbx160XT
Vox: MD511-UA710-ProVLA2
Gtrs: G&Lf100-Elektar(Rt66)-AKGd5-ISA1

The Hungry Drunx: “One Click”

One Click
c. ’13 The Hungry Drunx

It was a dark room I walked into,
Not sure what I was lookin’ for,
The streetlights shown through the open window,
Someone was on the floor.

Ch: I thought I heard a sound
It might-a meant I’d be goin’ down
My reaction was so quick
When I heard that one click

I’d come there lookin’ for someone,
I didn’t know I was lookin’ for you,
He was waitin’ there behind the door,
I’m sure was something you knew.


They paid me lotsa money,
They gave me no other chance,
They pointed me in this direction,
Wound me up for this dance.



Ch: Then I heard a sound
I had no intention of goin’ down
My reaction was so quick (My reaction, it was fuckin’ sick)
When I heard that one click

Drums: Snarl
Bass: HnrHdls-UA710-dbx160XT
Gtrs: G&Lf100-Elektar-AKGd5-ISA1
LdVoc: CAglx300o(fig. 8 )-Eureka
BV’s: ADT A51V-Eureka