Vlayman: “Bad Candy”

Bad Candy
c. ’14 Vlayman

Need to have a strong stomach to put up with all of her antics
Gotta handle her passed-out, zombie-like and frantic
Gotta know exactly what she’s thinkin’
It don’t hurt to know exactly what it is she’s been takin’

She can be sompin’ good
Knowin’ her like ya do
I can be sompin’ good for her
When I know what it is she’s been gettin’ up to
It can be sompin’ good
Sompin’ what comes in handy (It could be out standing, When you was feelin’ randy)
When ya got yerself a fistfull (pocketfull, facefull)
Of all that bad candy

Gotta assert yer authority, gotta try and keep her in line
Cut off the cocaine, get her to stick with a little wine
And when it becomes two bottles a night you gotta acknowledge that it’s time
get her back in the program, back on this side of the line

You remember how ya met her, in some punk-rock bar
Took her home to be alone and she passed out in the car
Had yell to wake her, yeah, ya hadda shout
Put yer arms around her so she could pass out on the couch.

Now she’s gone gone forever, ya hadda let her go
Changed the locks on yer front door and ya let everybody know
You ain’t responsible because she ain’t responsible
And now and then you remember when you felt the addict’s pull

Drums: Nettage
Bass: HohnerHdls-Brick-Symetrix522
Vox: StudioProjects TB1-Eureka
Gtrs: G&Lf100-Mrshl-E609-ISA1_SB23L-UA610
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New Vlayman album: *So Blind*

released 25 October 2014

Writing and recording music, especially when done alone, is so masturbatory that you become …
credits: Grankspoine on #3, M. Vezina on #’s 2 & 9; Mark Cline on #’s 2 & 5;TonyGoldenThrown on #10, Vlayman all over everything.

1. Fix That 03:10
2. GASAY_Geronimo Cowboys 03:20
3. I’m Buyin’_w_Grankspoine 04:34
4. In My Dreams 04:10
5. Lady Blue_Geronimo Cowboys 04:07
6. You Ain’t a Man (until you lost yer heroes) 03:56
7. Reliable as a Rumour 04:28
8. So Blind 03:56
9. My Own United Nations (non-PC) 03:42
10. PC_w_TonyGoldenThrown 05:56
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The Sludge Monster Martini

The Sludge Monster Martini

“The pulp tends to settle at the bottom if you let it sit for too long.”

Vlayman: “So Blind”

So Blind
c. ’14 Vlayman

Fastre than you ever moved before
I never saw you no more after you walked out the door

When you left you made eveything right
I never knew I’d been so f*cking blind

I never seen I was so blind

The sun came out so bright the day you was gone
And that night the moon shined ever more than before

Drums: nettage
Bass: Alvz-UA110-dbx160XT
Gtrs: G&Lf100-Marshall-E609-UA110;
LdVoc: Solaris-UA710-1176
BV’s: MD735-UA710-1176
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Aiight, behold the Bedio!


Bonus, gtrs&CD’s&crap:

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Vlayman & Grankspoine: “I’m Buyin’

I’m Buyin’
c. ’14 Vlayman

On the street you gotta certain reputation
For being sweet meat and if that ain’t yer intention, well,
We oughta meet, anyway so I can say It ain’ true
What they say about you
On the street you gotta certain reputation
For being sweet meat
I’m intrigued

It’s time for you to stop crying and
It’s time for me to stop sighing
Cuz what ever it is yer givin’ away
I’m buying all of it
I’m buyin’
It’s time for you to stop lieing and
It’s time for me to stop my whining
Cuz what ever it is yer givin’ away
I’m buying all of it
I’m buyin’

Well, in the ghetto, they say they don’t wanna know
How you go, they claim to be afraid
And if that ain’t made me curious, yer mama furious
Yer old man delerious
Well, on I wanna find ya, I’m callin’ out
Hey mama gimme a shout
learn me what it’s all about

When I go uptown, because you know I get around
the only sound I hear is how yer doing down and it’s because they fear ya
Goin’ down and the sounds they make and the secrets that you take
I’m curious
I’m intrigued s

Drums: Nettage
Bass: Alvz-Marlboro-PVM520I-ISA1-1176_dbx160XT.wav
Vox: Solaris-ISA1-1176
Keys, Guitars, SFX: Grankspoine
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Vlayman w/ TonyGoldenThrown: “PC”

c. ’14 Vlayman

Was a parapalegic cosmonaut said, “Hey Man, whatcha doin’?”
to the the platypus cadaver was jus liein’ out and groovin’

Well we been gettin’ wrecked, gettin’ wrecked, gettin’ wrecked
Tryna be politically correct

Partially chewed pirouetting chimps are potential candidates
for president
Pragmatic chumps, like all of us, poorly clothed sit on the fence

Previously clothed the poor creature wore nothin’ under her purple coat
People came particularly corpulent, but that wasn’t her, didn’t float her boat

Pale corpses pose completely well, standing on the beach
Porkbellied cows put creepy garlands, on the sun just out of reach

Plutocratic carcinogens pray completely for your money
Possible cracks of panting clans politicize the peoples’ honey

Drums: Nettage
Bass: HnrHdlJazz-Brick-dbx16XT
VlaymanGtrs: Tele-ProJr-M400-Eureka
TonyGoldenThrownGts: Harmony-Marshall-E609-ISA1
Vox: MD735-Sunnit-RNLA
vlayman; THD; blog; TFP