RPM doosh follows up with this

In my last post, you can read how issues with uploading files devolved to a shite-fest and your correspondent being thrown offa the RPM site yesterday.  Now, the same doosh what was involved, posts this today :


I’m noticing a good bit of confusion about the profile player and the jukebox amongst new folks. It’s understandable as this site can be a little…. oblique… at times.

continues ad nasueum



Again, it’s a worthy project, with a couple of arseholes involved – and I wasn’t the only one! ;-D

RPM: How a good idea is ruined (for me, at least) by amateurs -EDITED for format clarity

These are the posts that resulted from my attempt to participate at the laudable RPM challenge:


TOPIC: Cum to Poppa, or HOW TO UPLOAD

Fresh Boarder
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From my blog (it might be helpful to others like yo):
OK, it mebbe is that my idiocy is solved. I am a very literate person, in
the sense that I read shite, literally.
I am also impatient.
And as I know I am not the only one, for those having the issue, you
must go to:
Edit/Update Your Profile/2017 Album Info
and name your album. Then, upon uploading each song, you must
name the album and the song.
G’luck! and Gawd’spee!


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Hey Mike… not sure what you’re talking about here. You don’t need to
do any of those things to upload files to your profile player. Just click on
“Your Details” and then scroll down to the bottom of the page. There
should be a section there to choose files and add them to playlists.

The Jukebox uploader will be open in a few days and one of the
options to load the jukebox will be to copy files directly from your profile
player, which will work if your files are tagged properly. You’ll also have
the option to load the jukebox through direct uploads.
In the future, give some folks a chance to see that you’re having an
issue before posting your problem in three different places at once.
There are a small group of volunteers helping with problems, but that
same group is also busy finishing their own records, so sometimes it
takes a little time for someone to respond.



You said, “In the future, give some folks a chance to see that you’re
having an issue before posting your problem in three different places at
You know, I have waited 6 (SIX) days (since 2­20) and many emails
reaching the point where I could halfway get something done.
On 2­22 I received an email from RPM saying, “Apologies, we hadn’t
yet posted upload instructions when you sent us the Dropbox files.”
Many emails later, I realized that at the least the italicized portion of my
post is required ­ do you dispute that?
The remainder is based on what the anonymous RPM support person
said, and the page that says in part:
My Player
No MP3 track added to playlist yet…
Band Name
Song Title
The directions, read literally, are shite, unclear and incomplete.
I note that I see at least one other person with apparently the same
Further, I note that that anonymous support person also said, “Frankly,
any help we get from participants is much appreciated!”
Sure doesn’t feel like it to me.
Finally I admit I’m neither the brightest nor most patient web­person
around ­ I’m a MUSICIAN and this is not my website ­ but I do believe
your post is both wrong, and rude.
So, rather than telling you to go fuck yourself, why don’t you just
remove my profile, tracks and refund me my US$10



Hey Mike,
I’m just one of the volunteers trying to help you here. The folks from

HQ aren’t very active on the site, so it’s left to a few of us to try and
help out where we can. I’m sorry you’re angry about this, but I literally
saw your messages today for the first time when you made a blog post
and two forum posts in quick succession. If you’d like your profile
removed, I’m sure we can make that happen, but I don’t think that’s
When I go look at your profile, I don’t see any files, so I’m trying to
figure out where you’ve uploaded anything. If you’d like some help, I’m
happy to offer it. If, instead, you want to curse at me for trying to help
you, I’ll leave you be.



So, you poke your rude nose in without any knowledge or back ground
of what interactions I have had or am having over the last near­week,
you criticize the content of my post without saying what is incorrect in
response to my request for specifics, you state not that not only I am
somehow giving bad info (that you haven’t defined other than to say,
“not sure what you’re talking about here. You don’t need to do any of
those things to upload files to your profile player” ­ I assure you ­THAT
DID NOT WORK) but imply that my patience is the issue (“In the future,
give some folks a chance to see that you’re having an issue before
posting your problem in three different places at once.”) when I am
trying to assist and then backpedal to admit that, “I’m just one of the
You finish that thought with, “… trying to help you here” and I must say
you are not, you didn’t, and your post offended my tender little ears as
much as mine apparently did yours.
Yeah, leave me be, and use more investigation and consideration
before you butt in about what you know not, and so bloody rudely.
Oh, and do please tell us what is inaccurate about what I posted,
and/or what if any harm it will cause ­ keeping in mind that it apparently
my issues (we shall see, and I shall report back despite
wannabe forum po­po’s).


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All right. I’m going to stick my nose in here. Tim is quite possibly the
nicest person you’ve ever attempted to communicate with, Vlayman. So
please understand fully that I mean precisely what I say in the next two
Vlayman, you’re being a prick. Knock it off.
We, too, are all musicians, yet we have found a way to create music,
navigate the website, and ask for help from time to time without being
complete assholes.



Ah­ha, more no-­nothing, over­sensitive, defensive egos.
So much better, nicer and smarter than me, clearly I don’t contribute
anything here.
Especially not to the stroke­fest.
Tims was acting an officious arse, with the communication skills of a
You are an arse with the comprehension of a sea­slug and the
imagination of a 5 year­old boyscout: I didn’t ask any of
you for “a way
to create music, navigate the website” or “ask for help from time to time
without being complete assholes.”

I am only an asshole when called one, treated like one, or dealing with
one or more.
And I’me way better at it than all y’all.
So please understand fully that I mean precisely what I say in the next
two sentences:
fuck you, too.
Tim, if you are such a nice guy, delete my songs, my page and refund
my money. Or don’t refund my money: use it to learn how to say
And by a tube of petro­jelly for klandry.
Fuckin’ amateurs ­ mebbe you should consider joining the guv’mint, or
spending more time making music and less time harassing those trying
to help


“I am only an asshole when called one, treated like one, or dealing with one or more.
And I’me way better at it than all y’all.”

No argument there.  Congratulations, you are the biggest asshole here.  You can expect your medal in the mail in three to five business days.

I was cut off as I tried to post  the following:

Still sticking yer nose in, eh?

That petro-jelly is really gonna come in handy, and nasally.

Read my first post, doosh – I was trying to be helpful, and drew an authoritarian duffer and his ball-washer.

And now you call me an asshole? After calling me a prick?

What are you, 14?

My apologies to the rest of the community – I have left other forums because of jerks like these, but take solace in drawing their fire so you need not.

vlayman.bandcamp is where you can find my music.https://vlayman.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php is my blog.

Oh, and name-calling tuff guys? I’ll happily exchange phone numbers so we can meet and learn who really knows what they are about.


Anywhat, mebbe the lesson for me (if I cared)  is not to fight with moderators, or be more patient or sompin’ – but the lesson for them is they get called out.

2-17 RPM Challenge entry

<— click

1. Cry for Me 04:01
2. Reckless & Radiant 02:58
3. Killin’ Time (Until the Killin’ Time) 03:57
4. The Clean-Up Man 05:06
5. Drinkin’ Irish 03:25
6. Relevant (A Rumour Pretending to Be) 04:05
7. Leave Me 03:21
8. High Noon (My Lowest) 03:28
9. Plomo o Plato 03:42
10. Two Second Second 03:59

This album was writ, recorded, mixt and masturd between 2-1 and 2-19-17 for the RPM.com February Challenge.
Some brain cells was killt.

released February 19, 2017

Drums: Vezina
Guitars: Vlay
Bass, Fretless Bass, Slide Bass, Bass VI: Vlaydude
Synths, Organ: Vlayboy
Vocals: Vlayperson
Tambo: Vlayman

Drums recorded at Renae’s Place by Vlayman; all else and mixing/masturding at Feta Central DDL, songs and fartwerk by Vlayman, c. ’17.

RPM profile page
RPM blog
bandcamp; vlayman;
THD; blog.
I mix with olive juice.

Headline of the day

$4 million Lamborghini supercars recalled after fires

Can you say, “Schadenfreude”?

lamborghini Veneno recall car
Lamborghini’s limited edition Venenos cars cost at least $4 million each.

carpal diem!


C/L spamisms, ain’t it over?

Thank you for fanning us.We are currently out of CDs.  Just leave your address and we will send you a  CD when available. As theReign Falls

“Fanning” you? Again, thanks for the laughs, douchebag. ;-D

C/L trollin’ on …

OK, some mo’:

As TheReign Falls has friends and fans all over the world. Why doesn’t the coward reveal himself?

All this and spam, too – I’m honored.

Best part? You haven’t had time to spam again, even as I respond between recording tracks and while files are rendering.

Mebbe you could change yer name to, The Rain Balls.

C/L spammer gets mad now …

Fuck off fucker

There it is! There’s the erudite genius I knew was hiding behind all the subtlety!

There’s the sensitive soul, the artiste, the true rock star!

You oughta change your band name to, The Reacharounds.