MVx2: *(first)*

1. The Worker Bee 03:20k
2. Casket For My Friend 04:33
3. There Are Them w Grankspoine 03:45
4. All the Drugs 03:29
5. The Void (The Call of) 03:42
6. Hate You (That Don’t Mean That I) 04:11
7. Freeze 04:34
8. Have a Nice Day 03:08
9. Nickle (My Lucky) 03:51
10. Our Streets 03:21
11. Noisy Gidget 02:26

Seasoned musicians, Emvezina and Vlayman are located in the Chi-town area, making noise for themselves and the neighbors and now, you.

released July 28, 2016

Emvezina: tubs and clankers;
Vlayman: all the other shite; except,
Grankspoine: keys, horns & guitars on #3
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Easy amp tweaks & mods

OK, what have you done – easy-like – to tweak and/or mod yer recording amps?

My fave thing is putting a 12AU7 at V1 in my Tiny Terror. No more fizz, a touch less volume, much less gain. And when I need more more, I slam it with pedals.

12AT7 in the Pro, Jr., same-same.

I also like Weber speakers (in my M8E), and those silicon anti-vibrate tube rings, velcro straps on the channel/reverb switch pedals and power cords, and the occasional switchable small cooling fans in the big amps, white-out pens to mark settings and knobs.

Powersoak on the HD130 lets me get powertube grind when playing bass.

Finally, sheer window curtains make nice dust-covers for amps in the bedio.
bandcamp; vlayman;
THD; blog.
I mix with olive juice

GNR in Chi, ’89

Anyone knows me heard my stories about meeting Slash at the Batman movie, and Metro, and the girl I was with, etc. ┬áHere’s a article about that summer of ’89.:

Guns N’ Roses In Chicago: Their Wild, Drunken, Lost Summer on Clark Street