Compressor stacking

I have on occasion stacked my 1176 clone into a 160XT when using the former as a bass pre, and also after an RNC for vocals.

Today I was reading up on the VLA and tried a pretty common stacking of a 163X into it – great!

Then, I stacked the left channel into the right on the VLA, also great.

I just realized that with 3 dual mono/stereo compressors (DOD 886, dbx166A, Pro VLA II, 3 stereo only compressors (Meek C2 and MC2, RNC), 4 mono’s (1176 clone, dbx160XT and 163X, Sideman Comp-1) and with an additional 3 in channel strips (Meek VC1Q and VC3Q, Eureka), I have a shite-load of comparison compressing to do; po’ me. Twisted Evil

Anybody have any faves?


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